Frequently Asked Questions

General Queries:

At we have listed our affiliate sites. When you shop at any of these affiliates, we earn a commission on your purchase from that site. This commission is a part of the merchant’s advertising and customer acquisition budgets. We then share a part of this commission with you which is termed as Cashback.
No. You need to login through and then click on the merchant link so that your purchase can be tracked in order to generate the cashback.
The membership is FREE. Rest assured that you do not have to pay anything to to avail cashbacks. You will pay direct to the merchant for any purchases you make.
This problem could have been caused by your browser settings. Hence you can start by using another browser or another Computer. If the problem still exists you can try these steps:

For Google Chrome Users

To enable cookies:

Go to: Tools -> Options -> Under the Hood -> Cookie Settings. Please change to Allow all Cookies.

To clear Cookies:

Go to: Tools -> Clear Browsing Data. Please change the time range to clear to Everything.

For Firefox Users

To enable cookies:

Go to: Tools -> Options -> Privacy. Then please change your settings under History to Remember History.

To enable JavaScript:

Go to: Tools -> Options -> Content. Then please ensure Enable JavaScript is ticked.

To disable pop-up blocker:

Go to: Tools -> Options -> Content. Then please ensure Block pop-up windows is not ticked.

To clear cookies:

Go to: Tools -> Clear Recent History. Please change the time range to clear to Everything.

For Internet Explorer Users

To Lower Security Level:

Go to: Tools -> Internet Options -> Security. Please lower Security level to Medium.

To Lower Privacy Settings:

Go to: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy. Please lower the Security Level to Low.

To Disable Pop-up Blocker:

Go to: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy. Please ensure the Pop-up Blocker at the bottom of the options page is not ticked.

To clear cookies:

Go to: Delete Browsing History. Please delete all.

If you are still unable to visit the merchant through the link provided on, please contact our Customer Support Team and we will look into it.

Yes. Membership at is compulsory in order to avail cashbacks. We do not charge for the membership as it is free and you only need to go to register link and give a few details about yourself like your email address and password. This way we can contact you and also keep a track of your purchases for timely cashbacks. You can view the cashbacks earned through your registered account.
Yes. You can Contact us and tell us about the merchant you would like to see added on We will do our best to add them as soon as possible.

Earning Cashbacks related Queries:

For first time visitors: Please register yourself to create an account and then follow the below process.

Already registered users:

  • Login to using your registered email address and password.
  • Search for the merchant at which you want to make a purchase
  • Click-out to the merchant website through the link given under the merchant’s name.
  • Follow the normal shopping process and make payment.
  • The merchant will then pay us a commission on your purchase. We will then credit your account with the cashback as promised. Initially you will see the cashback remains in 'Pending' status. Only when the return period on the purchase is over, the merchant will make us the payment and we will then confirm your cashback.
  • To be able to get this cashback transferred to your bank account you need to have a balance of at least Rs.200 in your cashbacks. You can get the money to your Indian bank account via NEFT (for free).

Pending status means that your transaction was successfully tracked by us and you are eligible for the amount of cashback as shown there. However, since they are still within the Return or Cancellation period they cannot be paid out to you yet.

For example: You made a transaction worth Rs. 500 at following the steps as mentioned above. Within 1-3 days you will receive an email on your registered email address saying that you have a Pending cashback of Rs. 45 (at 9% cashback rate).

Now once the cancellation/return period is over, will confirm this and pay us the commission in the next monthly payment cycle. We shall then move Rs. 45 to your Confirmed cashback.

However, if you happen to cancel your order, the transaction is cancelled and the cashback is removed from your Pending cashback.

Once your transaction is tracked successfully and has been acknowledged by the merchant and we receive a conformation that the return period is over, we move your cashback from pending to confirmed status. Now as soon as your cashback amount reached Rs. 200 or more you can get it transferred to your bank account. You can get the money to your Indian bank account via NEFT (for free).
The time period may vary depending on the merchant and the type of transaction. You will get a notification from us within 2-4 days confirming your transaction tracking and the cashback will be reflected in your pending cashbacks. The cashback will be credited only when the return period is over which varies from merchant to merchant. It can take anything between 1-4 months for your cashback to be confirmed.

First and foremost thing that is essential for your transaction to be tracked is to ensure that your browser has permanently enabled cookies, JavaScript and third party images. For the first time users please ensure you clear cookies. Now login to and start shopping.

Another thing is to be sure to use only the links provided on to visit the merchant websites. Also, please do not open comparison sites, quote reference or use code provided by comparison sites because these might lead to payment of commissions to comparison sites and not us. Hence we will be in no position to give the cashbacks.

Cashbacks work only when the purchase is made online and not in-store. Also, use of vouchers and coupon codes may lead to cancellation of cashbacks from the merchants end, hence we suggest you use only the coupons and codes you see at

Remember to save all email confirmations and documents relevant to the transaction until the cashback is credited to your account as they might be required in case of queries or cashback credit failures.

Cashback Payment related Queries:

Cashbacks are paid to you only when they meet the following criteria:

  • Cashbacks are confirmed.
  • You have accrued a minimum of Rs. 200 of confirmed cashback in your account.

A NEFT transaction will be free of charge.Depending on your bank, this payment should reflect in your account within 6-8 business days for payments via NEFT.

To withdraw cashback, login to your BuyerGoHappy account. Under ‘My Account’, click on ‘Withdraw Cashback’. If you have a minimum of Rs.200 you will be able to request for withdrawal of cashback. Here you can fill in your Indian bank account details that you want us to pay the Cashback to.

Account settings related queries:

When you go to the login page you will see a forgot password link. Click on the link and it will take you to a page with instructions on retrieving/changing your password. This will also ask you to fill in your registered email address. We will then send you a reset link to your registered email address within an hour. Please check your junk/spam folder if you do not receive it within an hour.
To change your password, login to your account. On the top right navigation bar you can see a link for 'My Account'. Click on Edit my Profile, you can change your password on that page and press ‘Change Password'.
This is done to ensure that you are updated of all your successful transactions.