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Hello travellers! If you’re wondering who I’m referring to, its YOU. Yes! Everyone is a traveller. Who doesn’t love travelling? It’s one of the best things that ever happened to human beings. It is more like a passion to most of the people around the globe. People love to travel, visit new places, meet new people, try new and different combinations of food and cuisines and capture each and every moment of their trip.


While all you want to do is to jump into this trip of yours, you need to think about the basic and safety essentials you’d need too.Dear travellers, here are some of the things you should keep in your mind while travelling. Expect the best to happen but be prepared for the worst case scenario. Given below are some travellers essentials. You might think it’s not necessary to start packing early and that you can pack your stuff a day or two before you start. But unfortunately people often make mistakes and end up forgetting something that is very important, like passport. You never know. Right? So say hello to packing two weeks early!

Start with making a list of items you need to get from the market.

Prepare a bag with all the important documents and other stuff you need to carry with you so that as and when you remember something you can just add it to that bag. You can always rearrange and organise your essentials. Get all your stuffs like credit cards, passport, personal id, cash, health insurance card, reservation information, hotels or tour contact information, most important transportation tickets and emergency contact details.

Book your hotel stay early

If you’re still travelling the old way, that is reach the destination first and then look out for hotels, you really need to catch up with the new and smart ways of arranging your stay. How you ask? All you have to do is book your room online. This saves you time and energy. Do you want to know how to save money too while getting your things done? Here at, we offer amazing coupons and cashback exclusively for you folks. Just sign up and book hotels as you normally do to save time,energy and money!

Always check your passport for expiry dates

It is one of the most common hassles one has to go through at the airport. You’d probably want to save a copy of all these documents online so that if you lose any documents you have online access to it. Also inform you credit card bank that you will be travelling abroad so that when you use your card there they won’t consider it a fraudulent activity and freeze your card.

Keep your money safe

Try not to keep all your money in a single place. In case you lose your carry bag you’d be broke until you can withdraw your money from other sources. Also to be on the safer side, be prepared with an extra wad of cash. You never know where you’d need it.

Contents of your handbag

Always make sure you have an extra outfit with you in your handbag just in case your luggage is lost. Also make sure you have a couple of toiletries along with you. We would recommend that you carry a back pack or a big handbag with you as a carry-on bag.Don’t forget to carry chargers of mobile phone, iPad, cameras and other electronic devices along with you. It would be a wise choice to invest in a power bank to keep your electronic devices running even if you dont find a plug to charge them. This way your phone doesn’t run out of juice in case of a misplaced luggage. Keep your glasses and magazines and your prescriptions in your handbag. It always comes handy. Hand sanitizer and wet wipes help you to stay fresh in long flights or even a stopover flight for that matter.

Make the right choice while choosing mainbag and footware

All travellers agree to the fact that carrying many bags would be very problematic. Hence select one main bag sensibly. It should be big enough and easy to carry all your things. Organise your clothes according to the activities you planned. This helps you to keep the contents of your suitcase wrinkle free and mess free. Utilize all the space in your bag instead of opting for many other bags to store things. Carry extra plastic bags in your bag to keep your used clothes separate from fresh clothes just in case you don’t get the chance to use the hotel laundry. Select appropriate footware for your trip. I’m sure you wouldn’t want a shoe that bites your toes. This would spoil all the fun and make you uncomfortable.

Carry extra resources

Never forget to carry an extra travel health kit with first aids and some essential medicines. If you are on any medication carry an extra pack of those along with doctor’s prescription for it. This keeps you healthy even if you extend your stay.

Confirm tickets and the safety of your home before leaving

Check with your airlines about your ticket confirmation and keep it all set. If you  have to leave early in the morning you won’t have much time so unplug all the electronic appliances form their switches the previous night. If you are going to be far for more than 30 days make sure your bills are prepaid, inform your post office to hold all your posts and update the newspaper guy that you won’t be in need of the newspaper for the duration.


  1. Things you need to carry in your carry-on bag:
  2. Credit Cards and Cash
  3. Passport and expiry date
  4. Personal Id
  5. Health Insurance Card
  6. Reservation Information
  7. Hotels or Tour Contact Details
  8. Transportation Tickets
  9. Emergency Contact Details
  10. Extra outfit with toiletries
  11. Electronic devices
  12. Mobile phones and chargers
  13. Glasses
  14. Magazines
  15. Hand sanitizers and wet wipes
  16. Doctors prescriptions if any
  17. Extra travel health kit with first aids and your medicines

There we go travellers!Now you are all set and ready for your trip. Bon voyage!!

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