All That You Would Want To Know About The World’s Weirdest Places

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Nature has its own way of turning things out!  Magic is intrinsically a higher understanding of Nature. From the world’s weirdest places to the most beautiful ones, Mother Nature has given birth to all. The world in its laps has kept hidden some strangest places. Listed below are a few of them!

A tour to World’s Weirdest Places:

1. The Cotton Palace, Pamukkale, Turkey

The Cotton Palace
Image Source

Stunning thermal pools in south-west Turkey are all set to mesmerise you with their beauty. Furthermore, considered perfect for a quick dip, they were once a part of an ancient town, Hierapolis. Water cascades down from natural springs to reach the white travertine terraces which form the utterly beautiful thermal pools.

2. The Glowing waters of  Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

The Glowing waters of  Vaadhoo Island
Image Source

How beautiful would it be to catch a glimpse of stars in the sea? Indeed, very! Treat your eyes with this night beauty at Raa Atoll in  Maldives.

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3. The Clearest Lake, Blue Lake, Nelson, New Zealand

The Clearest Lake
Image Source

How about watching the underwater life as you are still on the surface? The Blue Lake of New Zealand serves this awesome opportunity on your plate.Moreover, the water is clear enough to prove all your estimations of its depth wrong!

4. The Wave, Arizona

The Wave
Image Source

You can call it a dreamlike place with amazing hallucinogenic patterns. Lying the midst of Arizona, USA, The Wave is the favourite hiking spot of hikers.

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5. The Lakes of Mt. Kelimutu, Indonesia

The Lakes of Mt. Kelimutu
 Image Source

Same land but lakes of three different colours! Nature and its theories have left innumerable scientists and researchers speechless. Depending upon the status of oxidisation reduction the lakes on Mt.Kelimutu keep changing their colours from time to time. On the top of this, these changes are unpredictable and take several times in a year.

6. Spotted Lake, Canada

Spotted Lake
 Image Source

Containing rich deposits of calcium, magnesium sulphate, and sodium sulphate, the lake is situated in Similkameen Valley of British Columbia, Canada. Furthermore, what makes this place weird is the mineral holes that are left behind as a result of evaporation of water during the summertime.

7. Full of Bewilderment Thor’s Well, Oregon

Full of Bewilderment Thor’s Well
 Image Source

Seems to be draining in the sea, Thor Well is a natural hole in the USA. The stunning view of a bottomless sinkhole gulping down the seawater has attracted many nature lovers and photographers. Moreover, the site gets breathtaking during the time of high tides when the aggressive water waves struggle to save them from sinking into the drainpipe of Pacific Ocean.

8. The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle
 Image Source

Mysteries of Bermuda Triangle aren’t anything new for us. Moreover, the strange happenings above it have always been in headlines. Swallowing a number of ships and aeroplanes the Triangle is often called as the ‘Devil’s Triangle’. In addition to this, its unusual magnetic force has left many scientists to doubt their own theories.

 9. Summer Chocolate Hills in Bohol Island

Summer Chocolate Hills in Bohol Island
 Image Source

As the greenery flushes out, the visitors to the Philippines in summers, get a chance to set their eyes upon 1700 conical hills locate din the middle of the island. Moreover, these are so regular in shape that the watchers of it mistake it for being a creation of man.

Still, have a doubt if such places exist? These are a few among many!

Go ahead to unfurl the secrets of these quirky places. The World indeed is a place full of mysteries!

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So, what are you thinking about solo travel? Just get ready for an unwinding trip to your favourite pick with the awesome YOU. These places will definitely make you go ‘click click’!

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