Things Which You Can’t-Miss In This Monsoon Season

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Monsoon is finally hitting India. The best season where you can just sit back and relax. This season comes with great opportunities as this is the time where you enjoy the weather. Monsoon will extend up to 15th July. After a lot of brutal heat waves for months finally, you are able to relax.

Talking about Monsoon, who doesn’t like rains? One’s mood lights up when they talk about rain as it gives a smile on everyone’s face.

Anything excessive is trouble because heavy rains can lead to roadblocks, traffic jams etc. But with this wonderful season, we can excuse these obstacles for once and enjoy nature’s love and affection for us living beings.

Monsoon is also a season of love where you can express your gratitude with your loved ones.

Things which you can’t miss in this Monsoon season

Long Drives

Long Drive in Monsoon

Yes, you just can’t miss long drives in this season. Go with your family or friends or loved ones. Take them with you. You can do road trips, small one day vacation. This is the best way to enjoy your Monsoon season.

Play Your Favourite Sport

Playing Football in the Rain
Playing in the Rain

Choose your outdoor sport and play with your friends in the rain. You can enjoy the weather while playing. It’s a tradition which is followed every time for the ones who play football on the rainy days.


Dancing in the Rain

Dance like there’s no one’s watching. Sing at the top of your lungs, enjoy and feel every raindrop which is falling. Dance joyously and record your moves. You can create memories while recording.

Travel Alone

Travel Alone

Best time to travel alone and observe the environment. Be yourself and introspect. Jump in the puddles. Leave your umbrella don’t worry just be happy.

You Can’t-Miss Tea And Samosa

Tea and Samosa

Take a sip of tea, eat pakoras roadside. Eat roasted corn with lemon. The best pair of rain and tea. What else do we need our lives?

Love Towards Mother Nature

The best time when you can observe and create love towards mother nature.

Enjoying in Monsoon

As there are enormous things which can do in the season of love. Make some friends, go alone, talk to people and you can do whatever you want which makes you happy.

But don’t forget to do these few things.

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