How Nature Resorts Have Taken Over The Five Star Hotels

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“Our minds are too busy, but nature wants us back”

We are merged into the circles of a city life, attending meetings, banging the keyboard keys, buying vegetables for dinner and trying to get some sleep in the same old bed, while ending the day. In the course of this schedule, the AC doesn’t work, the milkmen attitude waves, when you hint them about their water-like milk, the bathroom leaks and list reaches to infinity. Today’s lifestyle is accumulated and our minds are busier than ever. We keep on racing between stress and our inner self in these big boxes called buildings and urban homes. Here we have a situation for you; it is a long weekend and you have an offer to travel, would you prefer an expensive stay in a luxury hotel which again has four walls and food with 6 months old frozen ingredients, or  in a natural resort? eating organic, attending rejuvenation therapy and breathing between the real wild bushes. If this confuses you, we have a visual quiz, gaze the following picture and answer! where would you rather be?

Trends and lifestyle keep on flying. People have disconnected from nature and have happily lured into their work, I wonder if that glowing face under the phone screen had ever glowed under a moonlight. We are a part of nature, perhaps, we are hailing away from it to catch up our everyday life. “Nature always takes a toll” and this time, nature wants us back. Here are the top reasons how nature destinations can get people back out of the four walls, packed sandwiches, frozen food, and conditioned air.

1. Nature’s Concept

Making a trip was always nightmared with a hunt for best hotels and rooms, new travellers are always attracted to creativity, they are habitually gloomed to the beauty of natural resorts. Natural resorts are a property where food is cooked from the kitchen gardens and self-agricultural ingredients. The holistic lifestyle is inspired by nature. The natural air conditioners are made with wet grass and your everyday tea is extracted out of boiling the garden fresh flowers! This concept has rapidly taken over the artificial closeness of hotels.

2. Cutting The Cost

It is alright if you don’t have a great budget. While cutting your stress, these natural restaurants won’t cut your pocket, a luxury hotel stay ranges around 5000 INR for a night where these nature resorts will happily welcome you for half rates which will cost for 2500-3000 INR for a night.

3. Rejuvenate While You Stay

Fun fact; hotels offer you a body spa where you de-stress yourself and pay thousands of bucks for it, which again stresses you a bit for the money spent. Perhaps, expensive spas turn into the course of “de-stress then re-stress”. Natural resorts rejuvenate you with the organic food, yoga, ayurveda  massages, detox drinks which are included in the package! plus the dense greenery which gifts you the free and non-polluted air in the world of commercialization and pollution, is the healing you get!

4. No Space For Boredom

There is a coexistence of humans who are diverse, some would fall in love with the idea of nature, other would have good reasons saying, “why will one be there just to see trees?” Well, these resorts have a backing for your entertainment as well. Sports festival, tribal music, animal zoo, wild habitat and more will always be to your rescue when you feel like yawning.

We live ones, choose where you want to be next!

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