Your Personal Guide to Ladakh

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Ladakh is undoubtedly among the most beautiful places in India. Lying in the skirts of Jammu and Kashmir it extends from Kulun mountain range to Great Himalayas in the south. It’s location and extravagant culture is of prime attention. Zanskar mountain ranges will accompany you while you head on to a road-trip for Ladakh. The beauty of Ladakh will dazzle the eyes of every single person who wish to pay a visit. Here is your own Ladakh tour guide, highlighting some attractions in Ladakh which you must pay a visit.

Tourist Attractions in Ladakh | Best Places to Visit in Ladakh

1. Pangong Tso Lake

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The shooting for the last scene of 3 idiots took place here. The lake is an epitome of eternal beauty. Sidewalks by the lake during early morning or evening will give you an amazing experience. The lake is 5 hours drive away from Leh in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir. The first look of this blue beauty makes a permanent place in the person’s memory. During winters it becomes the frozen lake and a gala festival of ice skating is organised. The festival also brings up the culture of native people.

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2. Shanti Stupa

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Enshrined by the 14th Dalai Lama by himself, The Shanti Stupa holds the relics of Buddha at its base. Apart from its religious significance, the view which it offers is a treat to one’s eye. Hence, it becomes a famous tourist destination in Leh Ladakh. A single glimpse of great architectural work will make you admire it for rest of your lifetime. Localites visit here to attain their peace of mind.

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3. Gurudwara Pathar Sahib

Source: Wikimedia Commons

It is created in the memory of the founder of Sikh religion, Guru Nanak Dev Ji. It is located at a very high altitude, 25 km before Ladakh. There is a story of Guru Nanak Dev Ji transforming a demon into the server of humanity behind its existence. One can get the glimpse of Holystone at the gurudwara.

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4. Nubra Valley

A desert is the least expected thing among the snowy hills. The sand dunes in the Nubra Valley will give an authentic feel of Arabian Nights in India. It is known as India’s remote valley. Diskit Gompa is the main attraction of Nubra Valley. Also, visiting the Hunder Village will add some really good content to your trip. you may discover the lives of natives and watch 2 humped camels which are rare to find.

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5. Defy Gravity as Magnetic Hill

Sourced: Wikimedia Commons

The phenomenon of gravity fails when it comes to Magnetic Hill, Ladakh. There is a spot where if you park your vehicle with breaks unlocked, the vehicle will start moving upwards by its own. It is the place where you should actually visit to see how the gravitational phenomenon of science fails.

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6. Spituk Gompa

Source: Flickr

It is the Monastery located at the Hill side, therefore it offers an exquisite view of the surroundings. It is 8 km from Leh. Every year it hosts the Gustor Festival. Moreover, if you visit during the festival time you will get a chance to be a part of the vibrant celebrations.

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7. Suru Valley

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The best time of the year to visit the Suru Valley is the summer time. You can be an audience to the charismatic beauty of the valley between July-September. Sankoo, Rangdum, Kartse Khar and Panikhar are the places to be visited in the Suru Valley.

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8. Chadar Trek

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy the trekking over the frozen river is something which I guess no one would wish to miss.  The trek over the Zanskar river is taken generally in November when the river is completely frozen and is safe to carry the trekking activities. Furthermore, this is an entirely different experience for people visiting the place.

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9. Ladakhi Food and Culture

Sourced: Wikimedia Commons

Food is the thing which makes our travelling worth. Ladakh is not only rich in its culture but also in its cuisine. Moreover, the food served here is different from that of Kashmere food. Therefore Ladakh offers you with ample variety of dishes like Chuppri, Tigmo, Butter Tea, Momo, Thukpa, Qahwa and many more. Coming to the culture and festivals of Ladakh, the natives celebrate every festival in a glorious way. Also, the festivals are celebrated in the community as a whole exemplifying the togetherness.

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Here is your personal guide to Ladakh, so are you still thinking? If yes then stop right away and pack your bags. You are about to discover the beauty of Ladakh.

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