Roll Out Your Passports As International Destinations Are Now In India

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Have you ever been to some International places? Yes? No? If YES then you may find these places similar to some of them. If NO,  you have a chance to travel these places without a passport. Wow but How? Competing with some top most international tourist attractions, India in its womb has places that are similar to the former. It’s time to explore these Indian gems which give you a feel of being outside the country while being in the homeland.

Places in India that are Twin to International destinations

Gulmarg is the Mini ‘Switzerland of India’


Is Switzerland hitting your bucket list? If so, then book your tickets to Gulmarg of Jammu and Kashmir right away and encounter the tranquillity and absolute beauty of Switzerland in India. The kick-ass lush green valleys during summer and white snow caps in winter are all set to dazzle you.

Athirappily Falls and Chitrakoot Falls and ‘The Niagara Falls’


Wishing to witness the Niagara Falls once but the plan doesn’t fall in your pockets?  I have two amazing destinations for you which will make you forget the Niagara.  The Athirappily Falls in Kerala and Chitrakoot Falls in Chhattisgarh will quite fit your bills.

Hills In Himachal Pradesh Will Take You To Scotland


The Rolling Hills of Scotland and Mandi in Himachal Pradesh will give you the same feeling of the scenic beauty of nature. Both share the temperate climate, where it is warm in summers and cold in winters, and it rains heavily during rains.

The Hills Of Alaska And Auli Of Uttrakhand Are Best Places For Skiing


Wondering how to visit Alaska so that you can bring some thrill in your life by skiing in there? Your wish has been granted! Now you can have your best skiing experience in Auli, Uttrakhand. Located in Garhwal Himalayas, it is one of the popular ski destinations of India.

Arc de Triomphe Resembles India Gate


India Gate is the monument known for adding seven stars to the heritage of Indian history. Surprisingly  Arc de Triomphe in France is quite identical to India Gate. Built in the honour of soldiers fighting for the nation both share the same origins. One is made in the memories of French Warriors who died fighting bravely during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, and the other is dedicated to those 82,000 soldiers of Indian Army who died in the First World War.

The Thar Desert And The Sahara Desert Share The Same Lore


We all have read about the largest Hot Desert of the world, i.e. the Sahara Deserts in our childhood textbooks. If you have ever fantasised travelling to the Sahara Desert in Morocco or Egypt but there are time and money constraints then visiting the Great Indian Desert or the Thar Desert in Jaisalmer, India can make your dream come true.

So waiting for what? Check your list and start your journey to these amazing places!

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