Five Kinds Of Drivers You Will Find On Indian Roads

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The whole globe shall bows down to you if you are from India and have driven your vichael without dying, on the Indian roads. Travelling India, and especially travelling through a roadway always astonish the foreigners. Hence, their astonishment is mostly subjected to not cracked but utterly parted and broken roads, showcasing for which we easily convince them reasoning the “underdevelop” state of the nation. But what will we reason for their astonishment of Indian drivers who drive more like a video game race.

Here is to those five types of drivers in our nation, share the article if you find anyone of your friend similarizing any one of our six categories:

The Young Blood Drivers

These drivers are don’t age more than 25 years old. With high music and hard bass and black film on the car windows are their car traits.

The Pedestrian’s Devils

These drivers suddenly and immediately speed up, seeing a pedestrian crossing the road. The psychology behind their speeding up says, that it scares the pedestrians to be more careful, but it actually leads to deadly accidents.

The Abuser

This driver is the frustrated one inside the four-wheeler. He curses most of the strangers on the road for good reasons and no reasons as well. The overtakers or slow drivers, everyone rolls under his abuses.

The Lunatic Parkers

These drivers, drive pretty well but never understands the spot parking rules. They like to park their four-wheelers anywhere in the world, even on the entrance of an emergency gate in a hospital. This is followed by pleading and convincing the security that they would be back in 2 minutes, while they happen to turn up after the end of the day.

The F1 Racers

These drivers are always running, not on legs but out of time. Others only make out that these have a serious emergency to run for, while they just want speed.

Don’t forget to comment and share, because everyone has one of these drivers in their circle!

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