10 Must Have Tech Travel Accessories

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Travelling around the world is super fun, agreed, but the 10-hour flight you have to take to reach your destination isn’t fun at all. To pass the time during those awfully long and boring flights, you have got to keep yourself entertained and also make sure that your luggage doesn’t get lost (the chances are very unlikely but still you must be prepared). So, we bring for you 10 tech accessories that, if you keep with you while travelling, can help you pass your time and keep your luggage safe.

10 Must have Travel Accessories

A multi-purpose travel router

Travel routers are genuinely helpful when your hotel has a wired internet connection and you want to create your own secure wireless connection out of it. Plus, some travel routers even have USB ports that let you charge your devices and you can even plug in external hard drives into the same USB ports and stream music and movies.

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A high-capacity external battery:

We need not describe how important external batteries are while travelling. You don’t know whether charging facilities would be available at the spot or not, so it is better to be on the safer side and carry an external battery charger.

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A power converter:

We would not advice carrying a power converter for travelling short distances because they are quite heavy but for longer distances, you must have it with you.

A streaming stick:

Streaming stick doesn’t take up too much space and can be easily powered by a TV’s USB port. In that case, it wouldn’t hurt to keep a streaming stick with you to watch your favourite YouTube videos after the day’s exhausting schedule.

A Selfie Stick:

Selfie stick is a necessity these days, especially when you are travelling in packs. You don’t want to upset your friends just because you couldn’t accommodate all of them into a single selfie.

A battery case:

There is nothing worse than your phone dying while you desperately want to capture the amazing sceneries on your phone. So, why not carry a battery case with you if you do not want to carry an external battery. A common battery case can increase your phone’s battery life upto 120%.

A waterproof phone case:

Going to Goa or the Caribbean? Make sure you have a waterproof phone case for your iPhone or smartphone to prevent your phone from drowning and ultimately, dying.

Noise-cancelling headphones:

If you are going to spend a lot of your time on plane, bus or train, noise cancelling headphones are your best friends. You don’t want to listen to your neighbour’s endless prattle on your 12-hour flight.

A luggage tracker:

These palm size (usually) luggage trackers have a GSM chip inside it that helps you track your luggage. If you have lost your luggage before, then must have an idea how irritating the situation becomes, so to avoid it, have a luggage tracker with you.

A Kindle:

Our last but certainly not the least recommendation in this list is your very own kindle. If you an avid reader and a traveller, then Kindle is like a shining beacon for you. Enjoy your time reading some quality stuff on your flight or train or bus.

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These are our recommendations, but, did we miss something? Can you think of anything else one can carry while travelling? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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