Time to say adios to period woes

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Periods are  not as much as a five-day-long bad dream that accompanies different sub-bad dreams A.K.A cramps, mood swings, agony, delicacy and so forth. And while it’s a natural process to get your period, you wouldn’t mind to cut down the pain level by a few notches, would you? Along these lines, here are a couple of approaches to make your period less agonizing.

Wonders of Herbal tea

Herbal tea

Chamomile tea, raspberry leaf tea and different sorts of home grown teas help calm torment and cramps altogether. These are remedial and might be somewhat soothing, helping you sedate. Along these lines, resist the urge to panic and drink tea.

Easy breezy workout


Work out will release endorphins in the body which are known to reduce and cure pain. This additionally directs blood flow through the conceptive organs. So, no matter how much you love your bed you need to go out and take a walk. You will feel so much better.

Dark chocolates


There is no chance you are already not following this step. Dark chocolates (70% cocoa) are rich in magnesium which is instrumental in calming cramps. It likewise urges the body to discharge endorphins, which again help with the agony.



We just can’t ignore the fact that it is so vital to remain hydrated. Expanding your water intake diminishes your odds of water retention which is another reason for cramps. Drink up, women.

Heating pad to the rescue

Heating Pad

Regardless of whether utilizing a heating pad or sitting in a steaming shower, numerous ladies find that applying heat to the lower stomach area or agitated area gives some measure of relief.

Essential oils


Massaging your abdomen with oils goes far in easing pains. Utilize Oils, for example, lavender, clary sage and marjoram to offer alleviation to your cramping abdomen region. Simply contemplating it is so comforting, no?



There is nothing that yoga can not cure. Period woes is one of them as well. Yogasanas like dolphin posture, connect stance and bow posture help in easing period torments. Do these in moderate yet consistent movements, and you will soon discover your pain is gone.



Be that as it may, never without counseling your gynae. In the case of nothing else works, you can simply pop a pill however make certain you aren’t quite recently passing by the chemist’s prescription or by famous peer proposal.

At the end if nothing feels right, don’t forget to sleep it out.

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