HAIR FALL? Try these home remedies

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Put an end to the most terrible of all tortures – hair fall! It is not just the endless struggle to have beautiful luscious hair, but also the mess it creates everywhere we go. Oh, and don’t even get us started on the hair bunch that clogs the shower drain. Don’t worry buddy, there are remedies to fight this evil and bring hope into our lives 🙂

Say no to Towels

As strange as this might sound, using towels to dry wet hair can cause greater hairfall. To avoid this, use a soft cotton T-shirt. It is softer, absorbent and much lighter if you tie it turban style over your head. Wait, don’t throw out that old tee, use it for your hair instead.

No Towels

Brush or comb?

For ages we have been asked not to comb our hair when they are wet. But on days when we are running out of time and we need to look good, well, that’s the need. But a better alternative is the good old comb. Use a comb with wide teeth, but only when you can’t avoid it.

Brush or Comb

Detangle it the right way

We begin to detangle our hair from top to bottom, however, this can result in greater fall. You should work your way upward. Hair strands are the most tangled near the ends, so work on that first. Then brush or comb from the roots.

Detangle your hair

The conditioner secret

If you have greasy hair but still want them well conditioned, we have a way out. Condition you hair first and then shampoo. It might sound weird, but trust us, you will love the results!

Apply Conditioner

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Indian gooseberry

Well, that is just a fancy name for Amla. All the traditional shampoos promise to contain amla, and there is a reason for this. Amla is one of the best things you can eat for your hair. It not only reduces hair fall, but also keeps them healthy and beautiful. You can have it in any form- raw, grated in warm water, chutney or just mix it up in your food.

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These are simple remedies that we can do for our own selves. The best part is that none of this will require additional time from your hair routine. Give these changes a try and do let us know when they work for you!

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