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India being a developing nation there are many new opportunities opening up for businesses to develop their business, for students to study, get better and quality education. Modi government is trying and taking initiatives to ensure the development of the country and making sure there is no flaw, even if there are any they want it to be removed.

Modi government is also ensuring the growth of businesses by giving them allowances, like tax concession, cheaper rates of land in rural areas which need development and job opportunities for which the business have to pay a cost. They need to pay it in terms of ensuring the betterment of the society by creating job opportunities and making sure their business activities do not harm the nature and are in harmony with it instead of paying it in monetary terms. This has encouraged the growth of business.

Due to these opportunities and allowances, there are new business emerging and are gaining popularity amongst the customers and are being identified by the consumers and loved by them almost daily. This encourages the business to come up with new and interesting ideas to fulfill the needs of the consumers. As today, the consumer is considered to be the king unlike earlier where the manufacturer was the king.

As the business grows so do individual and they get more and more involved in their work and have less time to go shopping for the daily utility goods. So for all these the consumers have been shifting from the physical market to the virtual market i.e. the online shopping portals.

Lately, these portals have been gaining great importance in the life of the consumers and now they are a part of their lives. May it be something you need from your kitchen to toiletry and from your personal care to the getting some nice dress for your wardrobe it is all available at your fingertips.

Oops!! I forgot to mention that you can even get medicines for your bossy sasu maa. All you need to do is select the product place your order pay for it online or opt for cash on delivery whichever you prefer and products are delivered at your door step.

Many new companies have emerged during the past year and a half. Some of them are struggling to create their positions in the market due to the strong competitors who have been there in the market for a really long time and some have established their name in the market easily.

Some of these startups managed to survive the competition and get through it and came out even stronger. Petoo,, and many such startups who managed to give a tough fight to their competitor and established their own footing in the market and are running successfully and are growing constantly and planning to expand continuously.

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