The Shopping Revolution

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When we make a purchase, a heterogeneous shopping platforms stand alive before us, these can be television, internet, newspapers, social media, super markets and the list builds more! but how people bought clothes or other goods when these shopping platform never existed?

Shopping in 18th century

Hand Stitched Clothing

Fashionable clothing and trends prevailed since Victoria’s era and even before that, fashion is a culture which is carried on our bodies and has always demonstrated a time and origin. Every clothing has it’s roots in time because wearing an umbrella gown will reflect 19th century and a jeans will tell us about an advanced time.

In 18th century, tailors designed and stitched clothing for population. This hand stitched clothing was sold  measurement wise.The king and queen had their special craftsmen who were appointed for fabrication, measurement, design and production of their attires. The king, queen and rich ones choose the designers which were later stitched and sold for a good barter or coins.


Shopping in 19th century

Mall Culture

Southdale Centre was an arcade in 1956. Later global brands recognize the utility of the arcade’s location and agreed to sell under one roof. Similar is the case with Grand Bazaar of Istanbul which was a huge complex and is now a modern shopping centre with over 4000 stores.

Shopping in today’s age

Online Shopping

We have an enormous number of platforms for buying goods and services and those platforms further gives us a wide choice of brands. The vastness doesn’t stop here, the diverse shopping platform offer us a hundred other product under the same category. Buying a tissue paper is battling with seven packets claiming the best quality.

Buying and selling is more of a fight among brands to steal each other’s costumers and communicate itself the best. The presence of excellent products in market have made our shopping process more lengthy and brain consuming. Our shopping decision are more time consuming now. We buy the product which convinces us in a unique way, leaving the other same leveled products in the rack.

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