10 must have apps for your smartphone!

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Applications for your smartphone are just like food for our body. When we say the word apps, we do not mean Facebook or Twitter or WhatsApp. The whole world knows that these apps are important and without these apps, your social life will collapse. We are talking about apps that will make your life easy. There are millions of apps available for Android / iOS / Windows and all of them are useful in their own ways but with these 10 apps installed on your smartphone, you should be able to tackle almost everything. Here is the list of the 10 must-have apps on your smartphone:

Gmail app for emails1. Inbox by Gmail: Are you one of those people who receive the hundreds of emails everyday ? Inbox by Gmail is the answer to all your prayers. Inbox by Gmail is one the best apps to manage your emails. It allows you to categorize your emails into groups called bundles. You can group your emails on the basis of priority like finance, shopping and low priority emails.


2. SwiftKey Keyboard: On cell phones, we do most of our work using keyboard, and thus the keyboard should be swift, handy and comfortable. SwiftKey keyboard has all these 3 features. It is highly customizable and quickly learns your writing habits for predictions. You can drag your thumb or finger from letter to letter on the screen to create words.

swiftkey keyboard app


3. Pushbullet: This app syncs the content between your smartphone and desktop computer in the most efficient way possible. Using Pushbullet, you can easily share SMS texts, messages, links, photos, videos, files and more between your own devices and your friends’. Simply put, Pushbullet makes sharing easier, with a PUSH.

pushbullet app to transfer data

4. Evernote: Evernote enables you to create written notes and voice memos, share files with your friends and colleagues and gives you access to a number of reminders from various devices. It’s a great list keeper, note taker, voice recorder, to-do manager, and Web clipper.

evernote app to manage notes

podcast addict app


5. Podcast Addict: When it comes to podcast apps, Pocket Casts becomes the most obvious choice, however, it isn’t free. So we advise you to get Podcast Addict instead. It makes discovering and downloading podcasts easier. Plus, its search engine assists you in finding content you are hunting for.


dropbox app for cloud storage


6. Dropbox: Besides Google Drive, Dropbox should be the next free backup service. With easy sharing features and automatic backups, Dropbox is an excellent solution for those who want to save on device storage, and share content with friends or family. But you can also opt for Google Drive if you do not have space issues.



greenify-app to save mobile battery

7. Greenify App Hibernator: Greenify is a tool that can be used to increase the battery life of your phone. You can use this app to restrict apps that are working in the background on an individual basis, based on easy-to-interpret information provided by Greenify, and make use of its ‘automated hibernation’ mode so that this is taken care of whenever you lock your device.



8. Amazon Kindle App: For book lovers, this app is like a paradise. You can choose from n number of e-books, both free and paid, and just sit back and spend the rest of your day reading books. The intuitive interface is also an additive advantage here.
amazon kindle app for ebooks

9. Dashlane: Do you suck at remembering passwords? If yes, then use this app. All you have to do is create an account on Dashlane and add all your account log-ins and passwords to it so that the next you visit any sites, Dashlane will auto-complete the fields.



10. Spotify: Spotify app is for those whose life revolves around music. It has a huge library, it can be easily synchronized between multiple devices, and its Radio, Discover and Mood playlists regularly present fantastic new music for your ears.

Spotify App
And that makes your smartphone even smarter and your life a lot easier. These are some apps that you MUST have on your phone in order to enhance its utility for you. Almost all of them are free, at least initially and then also the charges are very meager.  They are so productive that the charges won’t even matter. Once you start using these apps, there is no looking back. Did we miss something? Can you think of some apps that must have a place on this list? Feel free to mention your views in the comments.


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