Enjoy Holi without any worries for your Hair and Skin

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The Festival of Colors is around the corner and we are ready with tons of Gulal to splash out the happiness on everybody’s faces. Holi brings with itself loads of excitement. But this excitement decreases when we think about the damage afterward. The colors with which we play have chemicals and therefore they may damage our skin and hair.We tend to frown but no worries we are here with a solution to this frowning. Here are some Holi hair skin protection tips so that you can enjoy the aura of colors without any tension.

Holi Hair  – Skin Care tips

1. The Magic of Coconut and Mustard oil

Grandma’s remedy for hair and skin protection always has Coconut Oil and Mustard Oil. Dry skin and hair are more prone to the damage caused by the colors. Hence it is necessary to prepare a coat of these oils on your hair and skin. Apply coconut oil on your skin and Mustard oil on your hair so that the damage if caused is least.

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2. Stay Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated during Holi is necessary as it keeps your skin moisturized and therefore there is a reduction in reaction caused by chemicals.

3. Apply Sunscreen and avoid the direct contact with Sun

The layer of sunscreen gives your skin extra protection. Sunscreens with SPF25 work well. Also, it is advisable not to sit under the sun if you have color on your body as this makes the color go more deeply inside the skin. As a result, it becomes difficult to wash it off.

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4. Avoid Dark colors

Do not go for gaudy colors like purple, green or blue. The darker the color the more are the chemicals hence, go for colors like red, pink, yellow and orange. These colors are light and have less amount of chemicals.

5. Get the right clothes on

Cover your head with scarf or bandana so that some sort of protection is provided to your hair. Keep in mind to wear clothes that cover most of your body parts. Avoid wearing clothes that do not dry easily.

6. Girls do apply nail paint

Nail paint will keep your nails away from the damage. Also, it will prevent you from having Post Holi ugly colored nails.

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Post Holi tips

1. Apply hair mask

Wash your hair thoroughly. Repeat till the time the color concentration gets minimal. After a day or two cure the damage with a hair mask. Apply yogurt to both the skin and hair.

2. Do not scrub hard

Instead of scrubbing the colors with soap first, use cleanser to remove it. This will not only soften your skin but also will help you in washing off the color easily.

3. Do not go for cleansing

Do not opt to have cleansing, bleaching or waxing for at least a week. Give you skin some time to recover. Keep it moisturized. Till the time rejuvenate your skin with aroma oil and sea salt.


These are some tips which will help you take care of your hair and skin well while you blend into the colors of  Holi. Have an amazing Holi. May this Holi brings you happiness and prosperity. ENJOY the festival keeping in mind the safety tips.

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