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The season has begun when  your hair calls for an additional look after. With dry scalp comes sickening hair fall and hence winter season proves to be a threat to our long beautiful hair. At this time of the year it gets necessary for us to pay some more attention in order to prevent our hair from being damaged. Hair care is essential as our hair has the major role in shaping our personality and in a world where personality speaks louder no one would want to have fizzy or dry hair. A proper routine from oiling to washing should be followed. Incorporating good hair care products is important while you work on building a shield of protection for your hair.

These are some products which should be there on your shelves at least till the time winters are on fleek –


It can do wonders as it acts as a power house for your hair. Application of olive oil helps your hair regain strength. From enriching our taste buds to entering into the cosmetic world olive oil has proven to be the best remedial product. Its application with lemon treats the dandruff problem well. Due to split ends our hair is more prone to breakage hence it becomes a split ender. Winter makes hair dry and dull but no worries we have olive oil at rescue which brings back the shine and helps in increasing the hair volume.

Flaunt your hair after applying olive oil from Aroma magic , VLCC , 5 Valles and Body Shop.



It is necessary to have the perfect shampoo that matches your hair type so that you can act upon the prevention of hair fall. The Anti-Hair fall shampoos become your helping hand while you tend to protect your hair. The process gets more effective when backed up with conditioners.

Relish the fragrance of your fresh hair after you wash them with Tresemme Hair Fall Defense , Himalaya Anti-Hair fall or Dove Damage Therapy shampoo.



It prevents hair from all types of dirt and pollution. Our hair gets nourished with vitamins and proteins that are lost during the dry season. The sensitive ends of the hair gets stronger as it receives the nutrients. Applying natural hair masks is beneficial as it gives a new essence to your hair. It strengthens the roots and give you heavy hair. Before applying  it is important to learn about your hair type so that  you can choose the mask accordingly.

Hair Masks from Amsarveda, Radico, Toni&Guy and Biotique are some which will surely lend you a helping hand.


Coconut Oil

One of the oldest ingredients from Grandma’s box of Hair care is coconut oil. From ancient times coconut oil has been the best hair care product. It rejuvenates the hair roots and maintains the right amount of blood flow which results in healthy hair. It acts as a daily de-tangler , defeats dandruff and fastens hair growth. Coconut oil never fails to  create magic to your hair(Parachute coconut oil, Aura Vedic , Dabur Anmol, HillDews Virgin Coconut Oil). Coconut oil capsules work in the same way.



Almond and Castor Oil

The best way to pamper your hair is to use almond and castor oil. Almond oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium and Vitamin E. It looks after your hair like a mother. It best for treating hair loss and dryness( Bajaj Almond oil,  Dove Elixir and Dabur Almond Oil).  The lubricating and waxing properties of castor oil is beneficial for hair growth. It acts as a magic potion for lustrous and healthy hair( Soulflower Castor Rosemerry Oil, Pure and Sure Castor Oil, HillDews Castor Oil)

These are few products that will take care of your hair well in the season when snuggling into blankets is all we want to do.  Watch people drawing their eyes to your long locks.



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