The Battle Between Yoga and Gym- WHO WINS?

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 Let’s find.

The age old proverb of ‘Old is Gold’ holds true between the Yoga v/s Gym tiff. It is mandatory to have a healthy lifestyle and nothing better than YOGA can give you the same. In the race of being ahead, we have sacrificed our health. This has resulted in early aging, depression, anxiety and obesity. Hence, bringing our health back on track is the need of an hour. There are gazillion reasons behind giving YOGA an A+ for its natural ways of maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. Here are a few reasons which prove this statement true.


The trio benefit-Mind, Body and Soul

Yoga infuses your spirit with positivity. It not only keeps your body healthy but nurtures you soul with confidence and calmness. Mediation inculcates a feeling of satisfaction and peace in you. “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self ”, says Bhagvat Gita and hence, practicing yoga makes you know more about your personality. Where gym exercises leave you stressed on incompletion of desired targets, yoga is the thing which makes you accept your abilities and turns your failure into success.

Evergreen Practice

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After a certain age, we become less active and our muscles get weak. This restricts us from performing much of physical activities. Hence, gymming becomes an unreachable option for people who are unable to perform hardcore exercising plans. But not to worry as Yoga is the rescuer. One can perform yoga irrespective of age group and continue to live a healthy lifestyle. It also cures different health problems.

Makes you lean

Lifting weights give you a bulky look whereas the whole body stretches in yoga makes your body flexible by giving it a perfect shape.The asanas help you lose weight in natural ways which is why the weight once lost dares to add bulges to your body again. Whereas, having a gap of even few weeks between your gymming sessions make you put on little kilos.

Flexible Location

Gym requires a specific location and instruments whereas yoga requires a motivated soul with a mat and a floor. Be it a park, your home or beach side, choose the location as per your comfort and you are all set to practice Asanas

Efficiency At Par

Practicing Yoga connects all dots of your body at the same time and you are able to work on the whole body at once. It works for the whole body at a single go in contrast to the gym which requires different workout patterns for different body parts. Where Gymming leaves you exhausted, Yoga leaves you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Controlling the outside world is not in your hands but controlling the one in you definitely is. Hence, reap the benefits out of all-rounder from 5000 years i.e. Yoga.

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