How to deal with stress effectively

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We cannot stress enough on how bad stress in for our health and well being. Be it physical, mental or emotional health, stress is a serious enemy that we forget to conquer. We often think that watching a show would make it better, and sure it helps, but sometimes that is not enough. Instead of spending time with ourselves and sorting out things, we start resorting to things that would help us escape. That is why we need ways on how to deal with stress.

Now, we do drink sometimes to avoid these situations and feels like spending time with oneself, but it does more harm than good. For a short while, we may feel relaxed and less stressed. However, in the long run alcohol can cause depression and anxiety which would just not help the situation.

Stress Management Techniques

The Plank

This is one exercise which can really help you get rid of stress, and that too quickly. Just get into the plank position and raise one foot off the ground, as far as you can comfortably go. Repeat this with the other foot. For ease put your body weight on elbows, instead of hands. Just a few minutes and you will start feeling lighter and happier.

Plank Pose

Working with scents

Also known as aromatherapy, this can do wonders for you. What makes it more efficient is that it takes hardly any time. Aromas are known to help with stress and there are many essential oils that you can experiment with. Lavender is the tried and tested one, but you can try others and see what works the best for you. Use an oil burner or reed diffuser. You can also burn a few candles as they can help to soothe and relax as well.

Essential oils

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The good old bath

We are not just talking about any bath, we are talking about a longer bath with bath salts. If you have a bath tub, don’t waste it and use it when you are stressed with some bath salts dissolved in it. If not just rub the bath salt over your body and let it stay for 2 minutes. Meanwhile, just soak your self in the beautiful aroma. Again. lavender almost always works, but you can experiment all you want!

Bath salt

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Of course we breathe to live, but this time we are talking about deep breathing. Sit in a relaxed position, close your eyes and put on some relaxing music or Om chants. Now, what you need to remember is that you must breathe through your stomach. It is your stomach that should go back and forth while exhaling and inhaling.

Deep Breathing

Let nature be your friend

Chances are that social media will just add on to your stress. So the time you spend there everyday, use the same time to be with nature. Just experience the sunrise or sunset, let the breeze tell you tales, water plants to help them grow, or just sit there and absorb. Nature cannot only heal emotional wounds, but also mend scars.


No to coffee

As tough as this might sound, but trust us you want to avoid it on days you are stressed. Coffee has a tendency to increase stress hormones produced by our bodies. That is the last thing we need. Try on some green tea, it will infuse you with the needed energy and won’t make the stress worse.

Green Tea

Sweat it out

Stress can make you sweat, but you can also make your stress sweat. Do your favorite exercise, yoga, dance, zumba, absolutely any activity that engages your body. This is something we have known for ages, but forget to use it to our benefit.




It is as simple as this. You can do this anywhere, anytime. Just close your eyes and be grateful for all the good things in your life. No matter how bad the stress is, there will ALWAYS be something for which you can be extremely thankful. Give it a try, this could change your life while curing the stress.



We hope you have a stress free time!

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