Multitasking, An Illusion

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Numerous researches from renowned institutes tell us that multitasking is more harmful to our mind and bodies than helpful. We agree it does sound a little unbelievable, however, it is as true as ice is cold. What we need to stop doing is to consider multitasking as a quality to be proud of.


Multitasking, Just A Myth

Quite often we see a woman playing multiple roles. Let’s paint this picture- she is holding her child in one hand, trying to make him have his meal, she is on a call regarding a meeting and she has dipped her feet in hot water to get relief from the tiring day. We would say she is multitasking.

Observe closely, everyone can do a task with one hand, a task with the other, the list continues. However, with the same hand, you cannot take a sip of tea and wear a tee simultaneously. You need two hands for this. When we were young we were taught that our brain is responsible for sending signals to all our body parts to perform the tasks we do. So, your brain is telling one of the hands to pick up the cup and take it towards your mouth and the other to wait for the first one to get free before changing. Is having a brain what we have been masking as multitasking?

Our lungs breathe, out stomach digests, our heart pumps blood, all being done simultaneously, after having signals from the brain to do so. They are our parts like hands and ears and nose. But we never say we are multitasking while we are just sitting, though everything is in motion simultaneously. You can say multitasking is not a myth the day we can chop and stir from the same hand simultaneously. Or cooler, listen to two songs for the first time in one go and remember lyrics for both.

All of us are capable of doing one task per hand simultaneously, it’s not a skill to be proud of. A monkey is capable of eating a banana and scratching his body at the same time, multitasking you say?

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