This is how too much thinking is blowing your mind away

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The minute’s gone. Yet, despite everything you keep on thinking. Pounding yourself about it. Alright, stop! *but the idea still causes issues down the road for you* Damn!

Does this happen to you frequently? Without a doubt overthinking has got you into numerous amusing, awkward, humiliating circumstances.

Hold on, before you think further, here are 7 things telling us how too much thinking is blowing our mind away.

Stuck in the past, and the future just keeps your BP high

Live in the Present

Hello! You’re in the present. Also, the present is delightful! So simply be.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” – Buddha

Stress is a mess

Life is a Mess

Alright, consider it. Think about the possibility that, today, you lose it all. Everything that you possess. Simply picture the situation. You know what I think? You’ll have nothing to lose except for, despite everything, you’ll figure things out. So what are you stressing about today? You’re already in a happy place.

You apologize for the tiniest of things


For what precisely? So rather try this- deliberately, endeavor to not be apologetic. That way, you’ll be sad ONLY when you are really wrong. No need give others that high ground.

 All you think about is others happiness

Others Happiness

Umm…how about No! We’re all extraordinary identities and we have our own preferences. If you really wanna be true to yourself, you will annoy a couple of people, It’s life. But, it’s alright! As long as you are sensitive enough and not hurting people, everything is ideal. Don’t let them fill you with guilt, for something you didn’t do.

Your life choices can’t be made without counseling your mother, or father, or kin, or bestie.

Super Dependent

For the love of god, make your own decisions. You’re a grown-up. I know it’s simpler said than done. You adore your close ones too much t to annoy them, however, if it’s not too much trouble please see, the great expectation may not generally mean great choices. Counsel them, yes, and don’t strain your bond with those you love, yet work on the things what YOU feel is correct.

Everything in life has hidden meanings. It was altogether figured for you to sit and unravel.

Meaningful Life

Until the time Sherlock is fun, you’re great. However, at times people say things yet don’t really mean them. And after that, there are likewise the sorts who’d simply say things just to make you overthink. So you can be occupied with your musings while they are moving ahead in life.
So you should just not care and get along with your own life.

Replaying your thoughts

Replaying your thoughts

…what he/she said. Why did they say what they said? What did it mean? Too much thinking makes you sensitive to others opinions and you end up hurting yourself.

If you really want to think about something you should think about how too much thinking is never gonna help. So STOP.

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