How To Stay Healthy?

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Hello, readers! Let’s talk about health today. How do we know if we are healthy or not? Based on the weight? Most of the world’s population thinks that if you look fat,you’re unhealthy and if you’re lean you’re fit. Right? Wrong! If you think the mirror tells you all about your health status, my friend, you’re absolutely wrong. While being overweight is considered unhealthy, so is being underweight. Just because a person is thin, doesn’t mean he/she is healthy. You might have friends and relatives who consume double the food you do and still stay half your weight. So no matter how fat or how thin you are, you need to constantly work on keeping yourself healthy. Follow the below tips which would help you stay fit, fine and healthy.

Mental Health

Health isn’t just about how many hours you spend in the gym. Your physical health depends on your mental health and vice versa. Staying mentally healthy is the most important factor you shouldn’t miss out on. It affects your overall well-being. Mental health can be improved by staying happy, thinking positive thoughts, ignoring the brain’s urge to feel jealous, anxious, spite etc. Remember, it is always important to stay strong on the inside to stay strong physically.

Pursue Your Passion

Pursuing your passion is the only thing that can make you feel free and be yourself. Don’t worry about what the world thinks. Be it singing, dancing, photography, bird watching etc. Whatever it maybe if it is important for you, do it. If it makes you feel good, go for it. Enjoy yourself and enrich your soul with the things you love to do. That’s what brings the healthy glow on your face which you’ve been trying to get by using make-up products.

Be Aware Of The Stressful Factor

Our life is just impossible without stress. Be it related to work, personal problems, issues with your partner or financial problems. If you are a student, stressing about your results, which college to get in, what stream you should choose, etc. Yes, we all face stress. It is just different for you as per your age your work.  Be aware of it and take the time to free yourself from these stresses. Take an off from your hectic schedule and go on a vacation so you can start afresh.


Working out doesn’t always mean you need to join a Gym. You can workout at home with the home tutorial videos available on YouTube. Go for a jog, walk, and cycle, swim whatever makes you feel relaxed and helps you stay in shape. What matters here is you being healthy and in shape. Working out in morning fills you with great energy that keeps you energized throughout the day. If you still want a gym environment to inspire yourself to work out, you can invest in a good exercise cycle like the one that is available here. It is an exercise bike by Body Gym that will surely make you wake up with a lot of enthusiasm to start burning that extra flab off. This amazing equipment is available at Snapdeal at just  Rs. 5,249. Shop via BuyersGoHappy to save money while you spend. All you need to do is just register to the website and continue shopping through BuyersGoHappy.

Maintain Healthy Eating Habits

The most difficult task for us to do is to eat healthily. That’s the reason people these days are not under the normal range of weight. What we start imagining is that eating healthy means having only boiled, boring and tasteless food. You may think that you can eat something really tasty for right now and make up for it tomorrow by working out a bit more. But honestly that tomorrow never rises. And most importantly your body needs minerals and vitamins which can be gained only form vegetables and fruits. What more! Green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits help you to keep your stomach clean too! Isn’t this reason enough to start eating all those healthy foods?

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking plenty of water helps you to keep your body hydrated throughout the day and doesn’t let you feel tired even if you are having a long and super hectic day. Consuming water digests the food properly and flushes off all the toxins from your body making your skin glow as all the impurities have been thrown out of your body.

Sleep Well

Sleep plays a vital role in your daily schedule. If you haven’t slept well the night before it becomes almost impossible to get through the next day at work. It is something I need not explain. Sleep is the most important thing one shouldn’t miss out on no matter what. A person needs at least seven hours of shut-eye to live healthily. We know you keep tapping your phone even if its past twelve. In order to stay healthy, put down your phones once it is 10 p.m!

Be Hygienic

Being hygienic helps you feel fresh and energetic throughout the day. Wash your hands thoroughly after coming in to contact of a sick person to avoid getting the diseases. Carry wet wipes along with you. brush your teeth and bathe regularly in order to keep the bacteria away.

Feel free to comment if you feel the need to add on more tips!

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