At home exercises for a perfect shape

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Too thin, too fat, too something, we are hardly ever happy with the way our body appears. But trust us, you don’t know you are beautiful! And now, with that smile on your face let us pledge to exercise regularly if not daily. Exercising will not just give you a toned look, but also immerse you in a sense of joy, pride and fulfillment. Just forget about getting into that old jeans and focus on these at home exercises regularly, we promise your life will change for better 🙂

Get ready to indulge in these at home exercises


This is the perfect workout for shedding extra kilos from the right places. Not just a weight loss routine, squats are incredible for gaining strength. The most basic body-weight squat, requires you to stand with feet shoulder width apart and squat. Always remember to keep your back straight and neutral, to keep your eyes fixed at a spot in front of you, exhale while squatting down and inhale while standing back up. Place your arms straight out parallel to the floor. This exercise engages your entire body from knees and hips to back and arms. No wonder why people in earlier times were so fit, with ample activities requiring them to squat.

There are many variations possible- you can add weights or jump up into the air after you squat and before you land back in the starting position. Beginners can do 5 sets of 10-20, depending upon your own comfort. To get rid of belly fat, keep your core engaged.



As cliched as this next exercise is, it is also as crucial. Come into plank position and then bend your elbows to lower the body. Then push back to the plank position. A few thing to remember are to keep your core engaged, to keep breathing, maintain a straight back without arching it, and keep hands close to the body. Beginners can start with half push ups, where you don’t go completely low, but just midway.

There are many variations for this too, like full push ups or you can bring your knees forward to touch the arm right in front- like running in the plank position. If half push ups are too tough for the body initially, start by placing your knees on the ground and crossing your feet once you get into the plank position. You can do 4 sets of 10-20 for starters, depending on your body’s capacity.

Push ups


This will definitely remind you of your childhood and PT periods in school. Well, turns out, our PT teachers were not to be blamed for making us do so many jumping jacks as this exercise has so many benefits. All you need to do is to jump and open your feet shoulder width apart with arms flying over the head or parallel to the ground. Next, you jump back to the standing position. These are done rapidly and usually  can set your heart racing with just a few jumps.

Again, there can be various ways to do jacks like dividing it into two parts where you first jump halfway and arms are parallel to the ground then you jump to the shoulder level and arms go over the head. Coming back to standing position also requires two jumps. Start with 40-50 jumping jacks, spread between other exercise that you do.

Jumping Jacks


These are again great for multiple muscle groups and like the rest, can be done anywhere. Stand straight and put one foot straight out in front of your body. Now, keep going lower with your hips until your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. Push back to the standing position with body weight on the heels. Repeat this with the other leg and you are good to go.

Variations include adding weights to simultaneously workout your arms to doing reverse lunges, where you step backward instead of forward. You can try and do 3-4 cycles with sets of 10-20 lunges.


These simple at home exercises don’t cost much time but shower us with a colossal amount of benefits. Don’t forget to stretch out before and after any workout routine in order to avoid muscle cramps. These at home exercises deserve to be quintessential part of at least 4-5 days of your week!

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