Green Tea – Way to Healthy Lifestyle

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21st Century has brought a health care regime with itself. People nowadays have become more conscious about their health as with years passing there has been a hike in problems related to Blood pressure , Diabetes , Obesity and many more. Different surveys have proven that people who consume green tea are healthier than the ones who don’t.  In order to live a healthy lifestyle one should imbibe the habit of drinking green tea at least twice a day.

Benefits provided by the magic wand of GREEN TEA

Lowers the risk of deadly Cancer

Cancer increases the risk of death due to uncontrolled growth of cells. The anti-oxidants present in green tea help to control the unwanted growth and hence decreases the risk of cancer. Multiple studies show that people who drink green tea have 22%, 48% and 57% lower chances of developing Breast, Prostrate and Colorectal Cancer respectively. High amount of green tea consumption lowers the risk of liver cancer in Asian women.

Increases Fat Burning

Green tea is known for increasing the metabolic rate which helps in loosing weight. A study revealed that fat oxidization was increased by 17% in people who chose to drink green tea which in turn helped in burning fat at a better pace. It makes a person more active as it metabolizes fat stored in fat tissue which is then consumed to boost energy.

Increases the Retention power

Our brain need good blood in order to function properly. Green tea purifies blood and hence good amount and quality of blood reaches our brain which in turn increases the memory retention ability of a person. People with a habit of drinking green tea have greater activities going the working-memory areas of brain. It also reduces the formation of plaque responsible for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The bio active compounds have protective effects on neurons.


It is helpful when you choose to follow the relaxing ritual. Drinking it helps you slow down and has a soothing effect. It calms your mind and body and gives you a sound sleep which is hard to get these days as it was in our childhood times. Body is able to receive the needed time of rest and relaxation.

Fights Depression

Green tea keeps the mind working in right direction and hence keep it fit in every way. Consumption of green tea reduces the chances of depression and if someone is already in, it helps to fight back with a new energizing spirit.

Maintains Dental Hygiene

Fights back bacteria with its anti-bacterial components. It gives you refreshing mouth and happy teeth. It reduces gum bleeding and prevents cavity. It also slows the progression to oral cancer. Also, it kills the microbes which cause stinky mouth and hence gives u a good breath outperforming mints and chewing gums.

Controls Blood Pressure and maintains Cardiovascular Health

Drinking green tea promotes cardiovascular health and lowers the risk of high blood pressure. It has the ability to prevent blood clot in vessels. It increases the anti oxidant capability of blood which protects cholesterol particles from getting oxidized. It contains minerals which protect the cells and  molecules from damage and controls blood pressure.

Green Tea is easily available in market.

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