Get Ready to shop for your New Year’s Eve Party 2017

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Just a few days to go and 2016 will gradually come to an end! It is an oddly surreal feeling when you realize that it was just yesterday when you celebrated New Year’s Eve Party 2016 and now you have to bid goodbye to it. Yes, time flies fast! But like every year, you welcome the New Year in a fashionable manner which of course involves the most awaited New Year’s Eve Party. So, let’s just pray that our livers stay strong and our hearts are filled with mirth and joy for New Year  2017.

For your party, here is a list of a few things which you must include in your shopping venture for your New Year’s Eve party:

The Essentials for Your New Year’s Eve Party

1. Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Cooler

Alcohol goes hand in hand with every occasion especially on New Year’s Eve Party. Now this comes a lot handy when you are busy catering to your guests and refilling their glasses. A multi bottle wine/beverage cooler is also available for storing more than one bottle of alcohol. You do not need to open your refrigerator all the time. Simply, keep a wine cooler ready with ice cubes and soon everyone would be marveling at your sense of convenience.

Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

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2. Champagne Flutes

If you are planning a theme party in black, gold and silver colors, you must get these beautiful champagne flutes (glasses) which work well with the theme and also the occasion. So when you start the countdown on the New Year’s Eve and the clock strikes 12, pop open a bottle of champagne and fill these glasses up to raise a toast for the New Year 2017.

Champagne glasses

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3. Party Decorations

What’s a party without the frill and fuss of decorations? Adorn your abode with the most glittering, shimmering party balloons and hangers which are in accordance with the theme of your New Year’s Eve party. Poppers and Confetti Cannons are a must-have for the Big Bang! Bring out the color in your decorations and your guests would surely be awed by your party-hosting skills.

A simple yet elegant party look

4. Tableware and Crockery

These are one of the must-haves for all parties and not just the New Year’s Eve party. Make sure you buy plates and other accessories which are light-weight so that it will be convenient for your guests. Nothing too fancy, but simple sets of tableware and spoons and bowls would be sufficient for all your nibbles.

Crockery and Dinner sets

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The Edibles & Nibbles for your New Year’s Party


5. Candy Buffet

Invariably, sweets form the perfect concoction for a successful party. In fact, candies and chocolates are the go-to items for your party menu, no matter what other goodies you have in store for your guests. People indulge in sweet things and a joyous occasion such as New Year’s Eve Party calls for an assortment of chocolates, candies and toffees.

Mouth-watering Candies and Chocolates

6. Cookies and Cupcakes

Every happy occasion demands the presence of cookies and cupcakes which are a sight to watch when beautifully placed on a tray as also when you eat it. New Year’s Eve Party would be incomplete without cupcakes, muffins and cookies which are also known to bring out the flavor of any type of alcohol that you consume. So, make a tick in your checklist for baked supplies.

Muffins and Cupcakes

7. Food and Catering

Parties require two of the most essential things: Food and Guests. Guests don’t work without food and food requires the attention of your guests. Of course you might need a hand with the food if your guest list is pretty stacked. In that case, it would be wise to resort to catering for you to enjoy your party as well. You do not need to do something elaborate. Just keep an assortment of nick-nacks on the table along with the other party favors and your party’s gonna be a hit!

Kebabs and Dips

So these are some of the essentials that you need to keep in mind while throwing a New Year’s Eve party at your residence. Of course, you would likely add your own creativity to your party with brightly-colored cushions, party poppers and entertainment which is only going to add more oomph to the party all the more.

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