Customized gifts for a personal appeal!

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Gifts make life happy, for the receiver and the giver. It is a win win for all in short. However, if you are bored with the same old categories, try something unorthodox this time with customized gifts. You might be thinking what’s fun about mugs and pillows anymore, wait, we have exciting options for customization 😀


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Notebook/ Diary

Well, let’s be honest, no matter how digitized the world is today, we do tend to cling on to paper. It’s time to add on some fun and affection into an ordinary notebook. It could be a favorite quote or photo or lyrics of a song. Further, pour in some extra love by writing a cute note in the notebook!

Customized Notebook , from  printvenue


Aren’t you already bored of the paper calendars that comfortably rest on our desks or uncomfortably hand on our walls? Customize a calendar with your photos. Not only that, add on birthdays of people in this one. Now, each day they will be reminded of you. Consequently, they might buy you a gift for no reason. That is a fantastic deal.

Customized Calendar, from Printvenue


Again, bags are something that most of us carry around. Maybe, it is time to notch it up with some customization. Anyway, bags do make up for a popular gift idea, thus, it would be fun to add a personal touch to a common present.

Customized Bag, from printvenue

Mobile cases

Aah, this one can be tricky, because it so much fun to design a phone case that it get tough to stop! You can create almost anything, and it will make a quirky phone case. Most importantly, phone cases catch attention rather quickly. Hence, each time someone compliments for the phone case, the creative-and-flattered-inner-you would be jumping.

Customized Phone Case, from printvenue

Photo Magnets

This one is particularly dedicated to people who work in the kitchen often. Consequently, a great present for almost all Indian mothers. It will surely bring a smile on her face to see you with her in some utterly adorable pictures.

Customized Photo Magnet, from printvenue

Though, you would want to put in such efforts for your loved ones, but this is a grand idea to make some new friends by showing your loving AND creative side 😉

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