7 Awesome DIY gifts for your Special Friend

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We have all been in this tussle of what gifts to give to our best friends or special friends at some point of our lives. Things become all the more frightful when it’s a last-minute detail. We rack our brains to find what gift we can offer which would be perfectly suitable for our friend and also doesn’t burn a hole in our pockets. Well, here goes a list of all the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) gift ideas that you can surprise your friend with without being too hard on your budget!

A Coffee Mug

Now, this may seem like an ordinary gift and also you might consider that making a mug would be a little difficult, but that is definitely not the case. Making a mug is as easy as it can get and have you ever wondered the look on his/her face when you present your DIY mug with a beautiful message written across it? Believe me, it’s worth a try.

Hand Crafted Coffee Mug

Tutorial to design Coffee mugs

Tassel Bracelet/ Tube Bead Necklace

Women love jewellery! But of course, it isn’t possible for most of us to gift expensive necklaces or bracelets considering how frugally we survive! Well, that should not stop us from presenting exclusive hand-made, divine bracelets and neck pieces made from scratch. They would add a special charm to your relationship.

Beaded Bracelet
Simple Pendant Necklace

Tutorials to design beaded bracelets


Wall Decor

What’s more better to express your feelings about your dear friend than to gift a beautifully personalized wall art? A few lines from his/her favourite song or maybe just a mesmerizing quote from a famous poem…. These all portray the authenticity of the love that you bear for your friend.

Classy Wall Art

Tutorial to decorate Wall

Chocolate Bouquet

For all those choco-maniacs out there, these simple but scrumptious DIY chocolate bouquets make the perfect ideas for your cost-effective yet classy gifts. It’s an absolute chocolate fantasy for those people who love to indulge in a variety of chocolates and you would undoubtedly win their hearts with your creative gift pack.


Chocolate Bouquets available at Ferns & Petals

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Handmade Notebook Journal

Notebooks are an essential for almost everyone in this world. Whether it’s to keep a reminder about certain important things or maybe just to scribble when you feel bored, no matter how much technology progresses, there will always be a demand for stationery items such as these. So why not make your own and in that way, your friend will always remember you in their thoughts when they are using these cute handmade journals.

Personalized Notebook Journal

Tutorial to design handmade notebooks

Colourful Pen Stands

Pen stands would be an absolute delight for your writer friends and even those who fancy crafty home decor. These are handy as well as efficient and they can be made in various shapes and sizes. Colourful DIY stationery stands could also be used for the purpose of holding various paint brushes or even make-up brushes, depending on the discretion of who you gift it to. All in all, these would be a lovely addition on the table for your friend.

Quirky Pen Stand

Tutorial to design pen stands

Special Message Cards

These may sound a little time-consuming but they deliver the most cutest and genuine message when taken the effort to do so. Imagine the surprise on your friend’s face when he/she opens it but only to find the most special and heart-warming message that you could have ever written for your friend.

Open when…Cards

It’s understandable that one wouldn’t go to such lengths of making these gifts and would rather prefer just purchasing one from a store, but if the person for whom your gift is intended is really significant in your life, then taking time out to make these gits without spending a bomb for a gift that’s just from the rack, would be sincerely cherished for a lifetime…

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