Beat the heat with these amazing summer cool drinks

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Summer is right at our doorsteps knocking on our doors. In such you definitely need something to cool your body. You can’t have your regular amount of chai at the vendor right next to your office. So now what do you have? Well no worry we are going to tell you what you can have in this super-hot summer so that you can stay super cool, hydrated and energetic all day long.

Carry a bottle of water with you no matter how heavy your bag is. A bottle of water won’t make much difference to the weight anyways. It will help you keep your body hydrated as summer is going to make you sweat a lot and leave you dehydrated. You can also carry some fresh fruit juice with you it will only help you keep yourself hydrated and energetic throughout the day. Here are some of the sipping’s you can carry just for a change.


Most of us tend to buy cold drinks instead of water when we are thirsty. We find it more satisfying at that particular second when you are dying for something cold. But later it leaves you with more thirst. Instead of buying cold drinks carry homemade Lemonade (nimbu paani) with a good amount of black salt, cumin powder, lemon and a little amount of sugar. Avoid cold drinks.






Don’t misunderstand the coriander and mint water to be the paani puri wala paani. Actually it is the same. But paani puri water is a slightly spicier. You can’t have that spicy water if you just want to keep sipping throughout the day. So how do you make it? It’s pretty simple just take the same quantity of products just reduce the chilies as per your taste. And increase the amount of black salt and cumin powder.



Kokum sharbat is one of the most popular drinks along the west coast of India. Kokum sharbat bottles are readily available in the market. All you have to do is add water to it and consume. You can add black salt and cumin powder if required it depends on the flavor.




  1. ICE TEA

Ice tea is a new sensational for the youth. It is equally loved and enjoyed by all the age groups. You have ready sachets packs available in the markets. This is the one for you if you don’t want to carry any liquid bottle in your bags. You can simply carry the sachets with you. You can easily get a bottle of water anywhere. Just add the powders to it shake the bottle and you are all set to go.





You are all set and ready to face the summer!!! Enjoy your summer cool sipping’s.

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