Turn those OLD outfits into fab NEW ones!

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We all have a pile of old outfits that we have not worn in a very long time, but it is just tough to let go of this bunch for one reason or the other. So, here we indulge in some simple DIYs to make these clothes useful and to make ourselves less guilty for being a clingy cloth-friend.

How to Re-Use Your Old Outfits? 

How about some cool patches

Patches are totally in fashion these days, and there could not have been cuter trend. So, all you need to do to that boring old shirt or jeans is stitch a few patches here and there. The fun part being able to choose and stick the ones you like the most. Paste them or stitch them, it is your choice. You can easily find them here – Cool patches on Amazon

Cool Patches

Tie those knots

Pair up a short dress with a shirt. You can give a fab new look to an old dress, shirt, or both! Just wear a contrast shirt with a dress and tie it up in a knot at your waist. It will highlight the waist area as well as hide the holiday belly!

Tie Those Knots


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Pick up those scissors

Our closet usually has a section of T-shirts that are too long and boring. How about turning old outfits into a cute crop top? All you need to do for this one is to measure the length that you want to keep and chop off the rest. You can flaunt this with a pair high waist jeans.


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Shimmer it up

Have a bunch of dull tops that look like they are going to be a night top soon? Well, maybe they deserve a second chance. All that is needed is some sequins. Use it to spell out your favorite word or something that makes you happy, like wanderlust, travel, love, hope, just anything! It will not just add oomph to the old outfits but also make you smile each time you wear it.

DIY Sequin Shirt


Image Source

Keep trying these DIYs on your clothes and let us know if you have any more ideas. All these ideas are not time consuming and will definitely save some spending on new shopping!

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