5 easy and quick hairstyles to fix you up

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There must be no girl who doesn’t know a what a bad hair day feels like. Leaving your hair flowing naturally and freely might not be the best look for the day. But, in the busy morning routine, we understand how taxing it can be to try out some new hairstyle. Sit back and relax, here are some easy and quick hairstyles. Life seems unfair when Maggi ain’t cooked in 2 minutes, however, these hairstyles won’t play with your feelings.

5 easy and quick hairstyles coming right at you

The messy bun

Well, who isn’t familiar with this one. And, let’s be honest, the best way to achieve this is to make a bun and have a beauty sleep. But, who has time for that? So, here is a short cut. Tie your uncombed (yeah, you read it right) into a pony tail. Now, brush the hair in pony tail, in the opposite direction than your usual one. This means, you brush the hair towards the band. Now simply tie up you hair in a bun. Use another rubber band. or fit the hair in the previous band or use bobby pins. Gently tug at the bun if you want it more messy. You can also massage the scalp gently for that messy look done right. It is a perfect style for unwashed hair and lazy days.

Messy bun hairstyle

The braided bun

Tie up the front half of your hair into a half pony. Now, braid it and tie it up. All you need to do now is to roll up this braid into a bun. And. don’t forget the tugging and massaging. Half buns are very popular these days, and why not, they are cute and classy. But, this braided half bun gives it a fresh look. You can also do this with all your hair. A full braided bun.

Full braided bun

Twist and turn

If you are bored with just leaving your hair the way they are, this comes in handy. Twist two small sections of your hair from each side of the head and pin them up at the back. You can use an eye catching clutch or subtle pins, depending on the occasion and mood. You can also twist 2-3 small sections of hair on just one side and pin them up on the side. Cover the pinned area with the rest of your hair and you are ready!

Twisted and turned hair

Braid the braid

This one can look cool and chic with so many outfits and looks. Tie up one section on one side of your head into a braid. Stop when you reach the neck. Now, just bring all your hair on that side and make them into a side braid. It goes without saying, use the remaining hair from the previous braid as well.

Double braiding

Accessorize your bun

This is the perfect get away from unwashed hair. Using an accessory can shift the attention from your probably greasy hair to the quirky topping. As an example you could use a big flower pin like this one.

Bun with flower accessory

And, there is always a bandana to the rescue. You can tie it up below the bun or pony tail, like near the neck. Or, you can also tie it up on the top of your head (check out Lilly Singh’s some of the recent videos to see how cute it looks on her).

Bun with bandana accessory

The easy and quick hairstyles can do wonders for you in almost all situations. Go ahead and snooze the alarm one more time, your hair have been taken care of 😉

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