What do I wear this summer??

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Trendy and comfortable summer wear

Summer is just round the corner and you can already feel the heat. So now what about all those long sleeves, Georgette dresses, sweaters and all your fancy winter clothes lying around in your wardrobe?

Ohh gosh! What do I wear now? It’s too hot to wear a long sleeves top or Georgette dress. I don’t have any clothes. What do I wear this summer? Do I repeat my clothes form last summer? Should I go shopping? What do I buy? These are some questions which haunts every woman.

Summer is here, so it is pretty obvious you want to wear short dresses, sleeve less tops and short pants. So now what your wardrobe just has all kind of short dresses, sleeveless tops and short pants? Actually the answer to this is a big NO. Remember fashion is what you wear and style is how you wear it.


Get yourselves a nice flared palazzo. I know you might be thinking that palazzo aren’t meant for my body type or you may feel that you won’t look good in a palazzo. I won’t lie, but the truth is if you don’t wear your palazzo properly with suitable top, footwear and accessories your fear of not looking great would turn out to be true and buying a palazzo would be your worst nightmare ever. So understand your body type and wear accordingly.

You can wear a palazzo with a simple cape, a little heel never hurts. Add metallic or oxidized jewelry to it. Hairs can be open only if you feel comfortable or just tie them in up in a bun. Well that’s it you are all set to go. If you don’t want to wear a cape you can choose plain or a printed t shirt it depends upon your palazzo whether it is printed or plain. You can even wear a crop top, only if it suits you.

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The hottest choice this summer is the pleated skirts. Yeah your childhood favorite skirts are back for the summers. So what are you waiting for? Are you thinking that I can’t wear the pleated skirts it would look too childish. Stop worrying, Start exploring. Wear a plain t-shirt not too tight not to lose just perfect with a metallic pleated skirt. Add flat footwear to your look and be flawless. Let your hairs breath with you in this stunning look. You can also wear the plain t shirt with printed pleated skirts. Add some accessories to your look.

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Be stunning! Be Beautiful! Be you!

“If someone says that you don’t need to buy more you have enough clothes please stop talking to them you don’t need that kind of negativity around you.”

So girls get up, get dressed and go shopping.

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