A dark brand fact behind the million dollar group – Versace

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Fashion brands have earned bucks to an infinity. World’s top fashion businesses carry a humongous turnover and perhaps a glamour which is associated with its name. The money and glamour linked with the business results in customers to sketch a super luxurious and comfortable life of the top fashion designers and owners. The brand’s excellent stores and flamboyant looking clothing reflects all it’s glitters and golds and never hints that dark brand fact inside. There is a saying “we believe what we see but what we see is not always what exist”. Come, let us tour the fashion business realities and realise if such sayings behold relevance or have just popularised from blurred roots.

About the brand

Versace brand logo

The luxury fashion brand, Versace has turnover over 729 million dollars. The brand deals with celebrity outfits and leather goods. It is run by Donatella Versace. The brand was found by brother Gianni Versace in 1978. Both siblings dedicated their efforts towards this brand, the siblings had a strong bond and worked perfectly in tandem.

Gianni and Donatella

Me and Gianni were a family and he was a big support to me” said Donatella Versace in a documentary

Late Gianni Versace’s mansion

Giani’s mansion in Miami

The business had taken over to highness. When the news of Gianni Versace’s murder hit the headlines, leaving the family and the closest member, her sister Donatella traumatised. Donatella is now the whole sole and the vice president of Versace group, still, goes to Gianni’s mansion where he got murdered and believes that he is there seeing and wishing for her and the business. Donatella skips her crucial work formalities and visits the mansion before any important occasion for Versace takes place. Gianni Versace’s Miami mansion, then became a tourist attraction spot, the local crowd and travellers were curious for visiting the richest, popular yet dead designer’s place. After a public curiosity and great fan following, the mansion was sold for 41.5 million dollars and turned into a hotel, pricing up to 1000$ for a night stay.

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