New waterproof fashion wearables for monsoon trends, freedom and comfort

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Our wardrobe takes an avatar every season. A view of wool sweaters and heavy coats would overload it in winters where as cotton ganjies and tee shirts are set folded in the summer heat. Let’s give our hearty condolence to “monsoon” for wardrobe transformations, no one specially added a monsoon collection in their wardrobe for that matter. But we definitely have a choice, a choice to be more comfortable in our clothes while it is watering outside. Wearing a bulky outfit in an uncomfortably moist weather is inviting some more discomfort in your day. Lightweight garments which look aesthetically pleasing at the same time would be the biggest ease in a rainy season.

Summer Jackets – the biggest monsoon trend right now


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Summer jackets look like jackets and hoodies but are extraordinarily comfortable and light weight which comes in silk-like fabrics. The fabric and oversize fit of the summer jacket makes it dry out in few minutes. You can always toss these jackets throughout summer seasons and especially in rainy days!

Rain friendly fabrics

Viscose Fabric

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Viscose, rayon, nylon and other machine-made fabrics like cotton silk drys super fast and also are very light and airy that feels like nothing on the skin. Make your purchase worth the monsoon by choosing outfits with such fabrics.

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Colours to pick

Bright Colours for Monsoon

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Try striking, eye-catching, bright and lively colours to pop yourself under the shady rainy sky! wearing bright neon will throw the best contrast with dull grey monsoon evenings.

Why you should buy these designer raincoats

Transparent Rain Coats

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Time is evolving and the market is selling the designer raincoats and umbrella in monsoon season. Transparent designer raincoats are designed taken “protect your outfit” and the “show off” factors on the plate. Flaunt any outfit under a heavily watering sky now!

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Be cautious of the wet floor! – The Waterproof Footwear

Transparent Rubber shoe for a Rainy Day

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Rubber and chunky heel footwear are water proof unlike the leather and another covered shoe. Wearing shoes in rain, can be a pain when a wet footwear cause feels of wetness, discomfort and to the worst, itchy feet.

Wishing everyone a fashionably outgoing monsoon!

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