Monsoon Fashion trends

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Monsoon is here. So is dampness and the humidity. It’s really hard to care about trends when you already have to deal with the fear of getting your clothes stained with mud. Can you avoid all this and still look fashionable and trendy at the same time? Yes! That’s where we’re heeding.Here are some style tips to beat your monsoon woes!

  • Choose the right colors:

It’s the first thing you need to think about during this season. Unless you want a major wardrobe malfunction to occur, give some rest to the whites, pastels and those see through garments in your closet. White clothes often tend to get transparent in rain. Pastels get stained easily. Beat the grey and dull weather with bright colors like blues, reds and oranges.
PS: Pink makes you look joyful in these days!

  • Choose the right fabric:

Be prepared to bear that extra pound of weight that the rains add to your clothing if they are denims,knits or woolens. These kind of fabrics tend to stick to the skin and will make you feel altogether uncomfortable. Fabrics that leave hints of its dye when they’re drenched are a big no. Stay away from the leather skirts and jackets during the harsh monsoons. Not only will the leather get ruined, but its also likely to catch mildew. If the winds are wintry opt for the shrugs.

  • Indian outfits:

If you prefer a more traditional Indian outfit during monsoon season, its always advisable to stay away from the salwars, patialas and long dupattas.These are generally hard to manage in this season and hence, can be replaced with kurties, leggings, chudidars, scarfs or stoles.

  • Trousers and skirts:

Long trousers are likely to get wet, muddy, dirty and frayed at the edges when you heed out. You can get them altered and ankle lengths are in fashion anyway. Jeggings, three fourths and smart office skirts are a good choice during the monsoon season.

  • Coats and jackets:

Who said you can’t look trendy while protecting yourself from the infections and diseases the rains get? Go splurge on some stylish and eclectic rain coats! Try some with trench coat patterns that can be tied at the waist. These when paired with A-line skirts look very trendy and chick. Investing in light jackets would be a very wise choice during monsoons. It is always advisable to carry along a coat in this season. It keeps you warm during the chilly evening winds and protects you from rain as well. Sleeveless coats are not a good choice as they do not serve the purpose in this season.

  • Footwear fit for monsoon:

Go for the stylish rubber chappals, jelly shoes ,flipflops, flats, floaters or any other sturdy footwear. Slip resistant footwear is very handy. Wearing plastic chappals will make it easier for you to brush out the dirt from them. Avoid loose sandals as they tend to squirt dirt and mud back at you. Stay away from leather shoes or sandals as they tend to soak water and takes long to dry.

  • Hair care:

The moisture and humidity in this season can make your hair go frizzy and the skin crazy! Hence, tying your hair into a neat bun or a pony tail or a braid is a great way to keep the frizz under control. Your mom was right when she said oiling twice a week keeps your hair away from frizz. Oiling your hair nourishes your hair and strengthens it. Always wash your hair if you get drenched in rain as rain water makes your hair brittle and hence result in hair fall.

  • Skin care:

As for the skin care, don’t be under the impression that you won’t get tanned when the sun hides behind clouds. Make a smart choice and invest in a good sunblock and wear it. Make sure you cleanse,tone and moisturize. Go light on the make-up. Light foundation ,water proof kajal or eyeliner and some lip care should do.

  • Accessories:

While many of you may think umbrellas sound boring, they really aren’t. Not when there are a wide varieties of colors you can choose from. You can always team up the outfit with any of the bright, multicolored, vivacious umbrellas. Choose the smaller parasols which are not bulky and will not occupy too much space in your handbag. You will see hints of sun during monsoons. So it may not be a good idea to put away your sunglasses. As for watches,they are the first things to get affected if you get drenched in the rain. Save your expensive designer watches for winter. Choose the waterproof watches that are available at affordable prices.

These easy tips will help you sweep through this season with grace and fashion. Won’t they!?

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