7 Winter Clothing Hacks Every Guy Should Know About

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Winter is coming, and bringing with it different clothing needs. Now, you cannot practically change your whole wardrobe to suit your clothing needs for winter but you also cannot (and must not) compromise with your style. Then how to stay stylish even during those freezing winter days without much effort? Read the full article to get the answer for your question.

Here are some important tips, tricks and rules to tackle the winter and stay stylish.

  1. Roll your shirtsleeves the right way:

Instead of rolling your cuff over on itself and up your arm, flip the cuff back and pull it just below your elbow. Then take the bottom and fold it up so that it covers the bottom cuff. Your shirtsleeves won’t unroll again, and it will hit the desired spot on your elbow.

  1. The rule for jacket buttons:

It is okay to not button the top buttons of your jacket as it looks stylish but the middle buttons of your jacket must ALWAYS be buttoned to pull the jacket together, and the last button should NEVER be buttoned to avoid messing up of the jacket at the bottom. Also, always remember to unbutton your jacket when you sit down.

  1. Fold your sweaters instead of hanging them:

Folding your sweater neatly is always a better option than hanging them in your wardrobe. Hanging the sweaters stretches them out.

  1. Use sweater stone to shoo the pills away:

Sweater stones are made up of porous volcanic rock that is especially effective at getting rid of those furry little balls (aka “pills”) that gather under the arms and along the seams of your sweaters.

  1. Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes twice in a row:

Try not to put on the same pair of shoes day after day.  Allow your shoes to dry so that any perspiration has time to dry. Even slightest internal or external dampness can cause shoes to lose their shape.

  1. Know when your shirt fits you and when it doesn’t:

If you sit and your shirt buttons pull, then the shirt does not belong to you anymore. Also, if the shirt doesn’t fit you squarely across your shoulders, then too, it is time to get a new one.

  1. Avoid dryer for sweaters:

Not all your cloth material is fit for drying, especially not sweaters. Drying the sweater will weaken and destroy its fibres.

You are all set to flaunt your style for the coming winters. But still, there are some pieces of clothing that you must have for the winters in order to look chic. Only hacks and tips are not enough. Check-out some amazing offers on fashion on Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and Abof to fill your wardrobe with some trendy outfits. Plus, get exciting cashbacks and offers from BuyersGoHappy.

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