YouTube Profession Prerequisites

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Well, it is catching up like wildfire and the flames are shining bright. Yes, we are talking about this new trend, or should we call it a profession- a YOUTUBER. The youth today dreams to be successful at video editing, facial expressions, voice modulation, and to be able to flaunt these skills on camera for the world to see. However, is it really as it seems? Record videos and be a millionaire? Let us try and explore this YouMantra!

Hey, you or Hey YouTuber?

So, you have got to be ready with a bag full of patience for this profession. With so many people opting for this one, it is easy as a nursery rhyme to get lost in the crowd. It takes many takes to get one right scene for the video, while it takes a lot more attempts to get views and ads. As it is clear, one should not run after a stable source of income, at least at the beginning of YouTube career.

There was an attempt

Next up, you will need to be really determined and focused. Just imagine the will power it takes to do a piece of work for which you are accountable and on which your promotion is dependent. Now multiply this with a large number, that is the will power and self-control that any such profession demands. It is because when you are on your own, in the comfort zone of your room, it is tougher to start working for a project that has no supervisor, but you.

But I already did something today

Once people get to know you, it is, of course, a great feeling and you will find yourself on cloud nine, but something else comes along and that is hate comments. There has been no popular YouTuber who did not experience hurtful comments on their videos. As easy it is to say ‘haters gonna hate’, it takes a brave heart to let go and start again with an open mind.

Haters gonna hate

No matter how creative or funny or talented one is, like any other profession, there are prerequisites for this one too. So, before you decide to go ahead for this fascinating option, don’t forget to evaluate these points! A salute to all our favourite YouTubers 😉

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