World famous personalities who are very strong believers

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There hid some world famous personalities and what they believe in is simple but great. They have just emerged among “all of us” and have arrived on a benchmark that it will take us to be steel for reaching there.

World Famous Personalities and their Beliefs

1. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

Indian actress and celebrity also popular as “PC”

Where did she start from?

It all started while Priyanka was studying hard for her 12th board exams. Chopra’s mother sent few of her pictures for Miss India beauty pageant and as a result, she got a call. Her parents supported the situation saying that she should definitely try it!

What does she believe in each day?

She believes a lot in religion. Life has made her a big person, but she never forgets to pray each morning. she carries her small mandir everywhere she goes. even if she travels abroad.

From an average school girl to winning more than 620 awards

Priyanka kept her prayers and belief in positivity each day and she just simply did her job, she did it well and here she has resulted in the highest paid celebrity with a miss world title, the most honourable Padma Shri award and her list is long. Currently, Priyanka got over with her Hollywood film “Baywatch” in addition she also has “Toronto film festival” for the coming month in the year.

2. Barrack Obama

Barrack Obama

Image Source

Where did he start from?

Obama started his career with the top universities. He studied in world’s best university like University of Columbia and Harvard law school. Later, he gave lectures in university and finally swapped academics to politics.

What does he believe in each day?

Obama believes in his family and especially wife Michael whom he first met in a summer internship during his year of graduation. Despite Having a super busy lifestyle, he never compromised on family outings. Obama made it reflect from his farewell speech in Chicago saying “she has been a best friend before been my wife or mother of my children”

From a Harvard law school graduate to president of United States of America

Obama got a Nobel prize in the year 2009 and is known for his right words. He is currently enjoying the post-presidential times with family.

3. Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Where did he start from?

Author Paulo Coelho started off his writing career from book “The Alchemist”

What does he believe in each day?

Paulo believes in the universe. One of his life instances explains that when, “The Alchemist was a flop book and did not sell, despite the failure he kept approaching other publishers for re-publishing of the already not so much selling book. and the publishers sold it saying “nobody would

The publishers sold Paulo’s book saying “nobody would sicken their business by publishing a non-working material, but we don’t know why we published one this time”

From an unsatisfied job to the most read novelist

Paulo wrote song lyrics earlier. Unhappy with his job, therefore, he wanted to be a writer. His books went viral and therefore, he received numerous national award for his work. He is currently writing for his website and for newspaper and magazine features.


4. Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Where did he start from?

He started his career when he was 12 years old. He was an outstanding amateur boxer who won many gold medals.

What did he believe in each day?

He believed not to be afraid of anyone, whether the inside or outside of the ring.

From amateur boxer to the sportsman of the year

He faced many issues through his career journey, one of which is his fighting from disease “Parkinson’s”. Despite everything he always won in boxing and got named and quoted everywhere.

5. Sunita Williams

Sunita Williams

Where did she start from?

It started from taking “science in her academics”. She studied science degree specialising physical science in United States Naval Academy.

What does she believe in each day?

She always told students in workshop and seminars to “belive in their dreams” and always try different things.

From a science student to a record breaking space-walks female astronaut

Sunita did her graduation and post graduation in science, later she was appointed as a basic diving officer. After successful promotions she was finally designated as an engineer in NASA and performed her first space journey with them.

6. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Where did he start from?

All this started from a small apple computer company in a garage. Jobs sold his Volkswagen microbus and co-founder Steve Wozniak sold his Hewlett-Packard calculator for commencing the start-up.

What did he believe in each day?

His guiding principle in life was to “keep looking and not to settle” he also believed in work which one loves to do. He told in his interviews, that he accepts his mistakes and quickly tries to move on.

From a college drop out to the founder of one of world’s best multinational “Apple Inc”

Steve jobs was a college drop out and further, with no money in the pocket he ate free meals on Hare Krishna temple. Later, he practiced Buddhism. Jobs realised that he has ideas which can beat big companies, the idea was to start “apple” a computer company. Although, he faced serious health hurdles when he underwent a liver transplant and was diagnosed with cancer.

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