You Won’t Visit A Zoo After Reading This

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Visiting zoo always excites us, especially when we were little or when we went to zoo through a school trip. Our understanding and discernment of zoo is opposite than its actuality. A Zoo visit is exciting, surprising and obviously fun but you will know something beyond than this fun factor here.

Natural habitat deprivation

Sad Monkey

The animal zoo is a man-made space where wild animals never find their birth environment to carry their lives further in a healthy way. The lack of native environment results in mental and physical stress.

Long yet low quality of life

Caged Tigers

Animals live longer in captive, this is due the presence of safe circumstance. But the factor of thought is that, the quality of life is deprived drastically because of the absence of space, companion and favourable weather.

Human being imprinting

Animal Human Bond

Animals tend to become more imprinting towards human beings, this results in loosing their own identity. The animals make their mental connect with humans which disconnects them with their own tribe.

Returning animals to the wild is difficult after captivity

The animal psychology

Animal Welfare

The animal nature is not versatile and therefore they are not self-motivating like all of us. The zoo animals and domestic animals build sensitivity towards the wild environment, which results in their non-survival in forests. The ready-made food served to these animals makes them unable to hunt and feed themselves in the wild forest.

Secrets zoos never want you to know

Zoo makes animals demented

Demented Animals

In a natural habitat, an animal spend their days carrying variant activities such as mating, socializing, patrolling, protecting the cubs and hunting. Whereas a captive animal in zoo would spend most of the time resting which results in boredom and frustration.

“Zoochosis” – animal mental problems


Zoochosis is condition where the animals are observed in a strange behavior or harming themselves out of boredom. Have you ever encountered an animal gazing a wall for hours? Well, it might have been going through a “zoochosis” phase.

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