Weapon Show Off – A New Desi Indian Trend

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Granting a license for carrying the arms held back in the Indian arms act 1878. VIP and the rich ones stood in the lines for attaining a license and personal arms for protecting themselves and practising the Weapon show off. Later, these weapon gossips spread over, resulting in the fire weapons to be a cool trend.

Carrying Personal Arms Is Cooler?

Gun Show off

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Keeping and having access to arms is not a fundamental right. A strict process is undergone by the future holder in order to attain such arms. The arms license is provided on conditional situations which make it “rare” and therefore, more cooler for people to know that they fall into that rare category.

First For Status And Symbol, Then Maybe A Self-defence

Gold Bullets

Keeping a rifle in the pocket and aiming the sky for a joyous shot is in trend. Therefore, arms license is advantaged upon by most of the Indians when firing the gunfire is practised in marriages or other celebratory events.

The Silly License Grant Requests

Inside a traditional gun-making factory in Munger, Bihar

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The arms license grant applicants have mostly been silly. The applicants portray an urgent need of protection and their life in threat. A Citizens claimed for arm weapons because he deals with 2-3 lakh of company cash. “Merely, because an individual deals with cash of Rs 2-3 lakh a day and that also of a third party does not by itself show that there is any threat to that individual,”  is what court says to the matter.

Guns For The Rajput’s Power Display

Gujarat Gun Show Off

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Women were spectated holding firearms for a religious celebration in Gujrat. When the police investigated into the matter, a no-sense clarification was right away received by an attendant of celebration, who said: “none of the arms was released, they only held a relevance of showcasing status and power of Rajputs”.

Guns For Cricketer Ravindra Jadeja’s Wedding As Well

Ravindra Jadeja’s wedding

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Cricketer Ravindra Jadeja was also puzzled into a controversy when photographs and video of his wedding showcased a firearm celebration.

Gun firing and aerial shooting are banned for a celebratory purpose. But few Indians would never take this for their status and symbol. This is resulting in more arrest cases for gunfire usage in the country.

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