Things you need to do alone, at least once

Things you need to do alone, at least once!

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There must be a million times, if not more. when we are super bored and have no one to entertain us. Well, for all those times when you have to be SRK and say to yourself ‘main hoon na’, we present to you the ‘things you need to do alone’ list. Apart from a numerous things that we do on our own, there are a few that we often categorize as group activities, which are equally (if not more) rollicking.

Things you must try doing alone

Up for a movie?

Who doesn’t like watching a good movie, in a comfortable seat, with the heavenly smell and taste of hot butter popcorn. We sure do! Go for movie date with yourself, and you will end up having a blast. You don’t have to wait for someone to be free, you won’t have to watch a movie that everyone likes, and to top it all you get to eat all the popcorn! Another add on? No one to pass on a few expert comments at crucial moments of the movie 😉

Movie Things you need to do alone, at least once
Watch a movie alone

Shop all you want

Sometimes, it is good to shop for stuff that is solely you. When you choose something all by your own, it has got to have a bit of you in it. Be it the quirky print or the bright color splash or the subtle design, whatever it is, let it personify your mood and nature. Plus, you can be more efficient and economical with no distractions. If you are short on cash, just window shop all you want and let it inspire you to save.

Shopping Things you need to do alone, at least once
Shop alone

Solo drink with a solo read

As chaotic as life sometimes becomes, a hot coffee and a good read never fail to make it less haywire. Just pick up that book that you have been wanting to read for ever, and take yourself out for a coffee. A quiet day, away from the hustle, you, some mocha and the soothing aroma of books, just perfect!

Coffee and reading Things you need to do alone, at least once
Read at a cafe alone

Not just religious

Gurudwara, temple, mosque, church, be it any shrine, it has an almost magical calmness and peace around. Spend some time and allow yourself to be absorbed in the silence of the commotion. It is a beautiful experience and must be experienced alone, at least once.

Prayer Things you need to do alone, at least once
Be alone at a peaceful shrine


Oh, that trip

Simply free yourself from all strings and enjoy a vacation. Take a trip to a place that excites you the most and let it change your life. A solo trip is a very crucial part of the things to do alone list. It helps you grow, evolve and heal. You can listen to your favorite music, have your favorite food, and experience a whole new you. Just make sure to be safe at all times.

Check out these breathtaking places for your solo trip

Solo trip Things you need to do alone, at least once
Go for a trip alone

Let these things make you less bored with no help from fellow humans! #things you need to do alone.

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