Most popular products which were accidentally invented

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We all know many popular products and we also tried adding wrong ingredients in a dish, and stressed over the cooking being gone waste? No one can reverse the doings. Then we collected ourselves to taste the wrong ingredient dish. To our amazement, the wrong ingredients made the dish tastier. Congratulation to our new invention, which was rather, an invention by accident.

Here is what happened to these most popular products inventions.

1. Potato Chips

Potato Chips

Invented by: George Crum

What was he trying to make:

George had his own restaurant, where he was preparing fried potatoes for a customer one day.

What he actually invented:

The customer repeatedly asked for fried potatoes to be more fried. George lost his temper, as a result, he sliced the potatoes really thin and fried them till they were hardened as a solid. These extra fried potatoes were potato chips.



Invented by: Alexander Fleming

What he intended to create:

Alexander practiced creating a “wonder drug”. The wonder drug would cure many diseases as per his goal.

What he actually invented:

The scientist discarded a plastic plate containing mold. He observed that the mold dissolves all bacterias on the plastic dish, later he discovered that the mold has a powerful anti-bacterial property which happened to create Penicillin.

3. Microwave Ovens


Invented by:  Percy Spencer

What he intended to create:

Percy was an engineer. He was working on his project regarding radar, he practiced the radar waves on a vacuum tube.

What he actually invented:

The vacuum tube was heated during his radar wave experiments and a candy nearby the vacuum tube machine began to melt. Later, Percy kept pop corns in the machine and they began to pop. Therefore, It was an accidental invention of one of the most popular products “micro wave”

4. Fire Works

Fire Works

Invented by: an unknown cook from china

What he was making:

The cook made a funny yet dangerous mistake while experimenting with ingredients, in order to create a new recipe in the kitchen.

What he actually made:

Well, to be true he made a blast. The blast was due to accidental mixing of common kitchen items charcoal, sulfur, and saltpeter. The mixture of these three ingredients was pressed into a bamboo tube which finally resulted in floating of the bamboo and then blasting by self.

5. Corn Flakes

Corn Flakes

Invented by: Kellogg brothers John and Will

What they were making:

Boiled corn grains

What they actually made:

The brothers accidentally left the boiled corn grains on a burning stove which almost turned into hard flakes.

6. Ink Jet Printers


Invented by: An engineer in canon

How one of the popular products, inkjet printers were accidentally made:

The engineer accidentally left a hot iron on his ink pen. Due to heat pressure, the ink pen almost started dropping ink from its point. Hence the incident created an idea for the functioning of inkjet printers.

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