A New Dwelling Concept- Mess Housing

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The modern architecture is more inclined towards apartments, buildings and mess housing because a large number of urban dwellers all over the world never intend to stay forever. The dwellers temporarily stay on a location for work, study or leisure. The ultimate conclusion of their stay is receiving their goals and move back or move forward.

Forever Increasing Migrants

Increasing housing needs

There are lakhs of students who fly abroad and non-natives who choose our country for further studies. Not only these new students, but the working-class aspirants also hail in the migrant boat.

What Is Mess Housing?

Small housing

Mess housing is small apartments with less or no furniture, the temporary arrangements where the house members live while sharing their rooms and even the bathrooms.

Dwellers like to look for “mess housing”

Mess housing is a term to demonstrate temporary arrangements for a stay. Dhaka is listed most popular for such temporary arrangement, followed by Delhi and mainly Mumbai where the young aspirants keep flowing in to search for employment.

Developers to get inspired from Dhaka

Mess house locations

Recently, developers and architects stress on building “mess housing” which is a smart signal for other city developers to realize about future needs of cheap and temporary housing.

Dhaka Is A Glimpse Of Future Housing

Mess house

Dhaka is increasing in the garment industry and therefore, is releasing more employments. The migrants looking for a job are prone to such temporary yet convenient housing. The major dwellers staying in these mess house are drivers, Domestic workers, garment workers, small scale shop owner, entrepreneur, and students.

The dwellers find their workplace nearest to the house which makes their lives easy and suitable.

Everything Comes With A Sad Side

Mess housing are poor

The mess housing is not majorly recognized and hence, the arrangements are inferior in terms of lifestyle. The facilities of ventilation and toilets are lacking in the mess house.

The conclusion ends to the factor where the dweller says, “it is better to find a roof than sleeping under the open sky“.

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