These New Careers Never Existed Few Years Back

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There have been loads of trolls and memes on Indian parents who just want their super intelligent kids to be a doctor on an engineer. Hence, our country and the core society is mainly comprised of a rebellion towards the new careers, as a result, the old and existing occupations are only given a credit. Therefore, the new yet creative ideas are only considered suitable for a side hand job now.

Who hasn’t changed with time ? Our country and parents have almost undergone a mental shock while they heard their grown up kids saying “I want to practice a full time blogging” or “stand up comedy”. Well, lets see the relevant yet newest variety, contemporary India has in the plate.

New Careers which were not in demand few years back

1. Stand up comedy

Indian comedian Aditi Mittal

Stand up comedy has become a very sought after profession for many these days. A talented stand up comedian earns 20-30k from a single show. With multiple platforms available to showcase your talent comedians have started leaving their jobs to pursue their career in Comedy.

Famous from the industry

India has a a good list of stand up comedians who has been able to create their fan following. The top stand up comedians include Zakeer Khan, Vir Das, Amit Tandon, Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, Kenny Sebastian, Naveen Richard and astonishingly a female one “Aditi Mittal”

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2. Blogging

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogging

Blogging has been a past time for many since years. Now with the focus of people and companies towards content marketing, Blogging is becoming a new trend and people with quality content on their Blogs receive a huge amount of subscriptions and act as influencers for online shopping. Bloggers have been uploading a great yet professional looking content on social media. Therefore, their content attracts almost lakhs of followers, as a result, making their profile suitable for brand promotion. Brands have started considering Bloggers with huge fan following as influencers to drive brand awareness. People have started choosing Blogging as full time profession and we have seen many bloggers more

Famous from the  industry

Many people have been successful in blogging and have been able to build a huge fortune and name as Bloggers. Amit Agarwal, a tech blogger who makes a few crores per year.  Harsh Agarwal, makes in millions through his blog (ShoutMeLoud Income report). Shivya Nath, The Shooting a travel blogger who makes about Rs. 2 lakhs per month through blogging. Other popular Indian bloggers are Amit Bhawani of, Imran Uddin of,  Srinivas Tamada of,  Ajay Jain of,  Archana Doshi of

 3. App development


Adoption of Mobile Applications has been in the growth since last couple of years. These significant growth in Mobile Applications is powered by the increased smartphone adoption in India, most of the businesses are investing in building mobile applications. Entrepreneurs are earning most noteworthy amount from their applications if it is able to build traction.

Famous from the industry

We have seen many applications which have been able to get a huge adoption globally leading to building a huge fortune for the developers. Many Apps have become a part of everyday life of people and have been able to build a huge fortune for the developers like Watsapp, Hike, Snapchat, Instagram and many more.

4. Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Managerial post for social media accounts have been employing a crazy amount of people. It seems like, the applications like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram is facilitating the clients to meet users easily. Therefore, the Companies pays most noteworthy amount to aspirants who are managing the company’s social media page. With multiple social media platforms available to interact with customers, brands and companies have been incorporating social media strategy as an integral part of marketing strategy.

5. Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing

It is the delivery of computing services like networking, storage, software and analytics. Therefore, the company providing such online solutions are cloud providers and they also charge a good money for it.  Most of the tech companies have started investing in Cloud Services with the increased demand of easy access of information anywhere, anytime.

Famous from the industry

Hytrust and Zerto are the most noteworthy providers playing in the market.

6. Fashion Consultants

Kate Young- famous fashion consultant and stylist

Fashion Consultants are the people who style actors in films, awards and advertisements. Major shoot models dresses are mostly picked from stylists these days.

Famous from the industry

Kate Young is almost rolling in the powerful stylist list in hollywood now, and hence, her styles have been furthermore worn in Cannes film festival and Oscars.

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