Reason behind Instagram users having millions of followers

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Social media was merely an interaction and picture sharing tool on the internet, the frequency and reach of this interaction paced up and it took no century to turn this basic application into a business tool, letting thousands of people earn endlessly. It is not extraordinary to strike a gaze at Instagram accounts which behold a million of following without any celebrity or television personality status. These accounts are owned by “Instagram influencers” who uploaded good pictures, received liking and following and repeated the process in a consistency which made them get more exposure and following on Instagram.

Who are Instagram Influencers?


Instagram influencers are the users who post rich content in form of great quality and creativity. These pictures are highly attractive and influencing which keeps other average users engaged to their content.

How Instagram Earning Happens?

Instagram Earning Map

When a user gains a heavy number of the following which is considered to be above 50,000, then that user is appreciated as Instagram influencer. These accounts profitability turns into a right platform for the promotion of diverse brands. Tagging other brands in their picture makes the tagged brand expose to the influencers huge number of following. Whenever you read that caption with brand tags on an influencer’s Instagram picture, yes the influence would have been paid for it. Brands give away absolutely free products to these influencers for bartering against one high-quality picture of a product, a tag or a product review. Influencers are also paid for creating the content for brands and sharing them on their highly crowded and valuable Instagram page.

Can you be an Instagram Influencer?

Instagram Influencer

Instagram is a pure business now, with being a top social media and picture sharing application. Every business requires paper work and agreements. To our good luck, you require to sign in and generate strong content for running your own influencing business and earning money and collaborations from brands.

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Here are Some top Instagram Influencers:


Daniel DiPiazza
Image Source

Daniel DiPiazza wrote “Rich20Something” which is an international bestseller, Daniel also creates content on other social media channels under the same name. His content disseminates a motivational charm, the account also updates realistic yet mockery quotes. Rich20something has over 243k following on Instagram.


Shereen Sikka Bharwani
Image Source

Original name Shereen Sikka Bharwani is founder and creative director of “loveandotherbugs” which is a high-end fashion blog website. Shereen Sikka is an Indian fashion and lifestyle influencer with an Instagram following of 140k.


Huda Kattan
Image Source

Huda Kattan, is top makeup artist who has practised her makeup wand on Hollywood celebrities over many years. She also runs a beauty blog and has over 14m followers on instagram.

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