The Himalayan Range Actualities Sings A Sad Song Today

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Tallest mountains on earth, the Himalayas are home to 55,000 glaciers. The Himalayan range is Asia’s life root. The glaciers in The Himalayas restore 40% of the earth’s water, the water is the source to most essential and resourceful rivers in Asia. But what is happening to the Himalayas now, is all you must know.

Why should you bother about “The Himalayas” today?


Meltdown resulting in an uncertain future

Himalayan meltdown

The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development study, says that there exist an estimated 54,000 individual glaciers in the Himalayan region which are shrinking from a meltdown. The number of melting glaciers is still not accurately specified.

Kids In 2100 To Learn Himalayan Range In History Books Only

Once upon a time, there was the Himalayan range, which had the tallest mountain on the earth. It will be something written in the history books chapters because of today’s meltdown. If the Himalayas remain to continue today’s melt for coming hundred years, they will lose up to 70%-99% of their volume till the next century.

The Himalayas Of 1940 Century vs 2006 Century

Image Source

Water Replacing The Glaciers In ‘The Himalayan Range’

The pictures shot by Mountain climbers in 1904 were compared to the recent pictures of the year 2006. The difference is shattering and alarming. The lane of snowy glaciers have a meltdown and transformed into nothing but water. The water tends to evaporate indicating just a bare-land-occurrence for future.

Is Imja lake on Everest, a constant reminder of threat?

The Imja Lake’s Water Is A Melted Glacier

Imja river

If we search the origin of Imja lake in history because we will discover it rooting from the near past. The lake has recently developed from the water of melting glaciers. The water volume is increasing year by year from more meltdown.

Villages Near Imja On Stake

Village near Imja river

The Imja river can wash away the villages and therefore, the livelihood of villagers, if the water volume keeps increasing at the same rate.

The meltdown ends, when the global warming ends too

Stopping global warming is a challenge in this modern and machine-dependent population. Pollution is the major cause of this issue, which won’t take a halt in this never-stopping world, despite alternative such as carpooling, renewable power home backups, afforestation being bragged throughout.

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