Handpick Of Best Shows To Binge-Watch And Chill

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Gone is the time when we had remote in our hands to switch on to the channel of our choice. Now, it’s the Binge watch era where watching different seasons of a show at one go is trending. A good internet collection along with a laptop and a bowl of popcorn is needed and you are all set to enjoy the new series of your choice. We have sorted some incredible shows which are worth your recreational time.

Shows To Binge-Watch

1. The Walking Dead

Comic Book

One of the best television horror series, The Walking Dead is based on a comic of the same name by  Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. The show’s lead character, sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes awakens from a coma to discover that the world is run by zombies. He becomes the leader of the group of survivors working towards protecting and sustaining lives. Personal struggles are magnified with moment-to-moment survival. The dead walkers, zombies infect the humans by scratching or biting them so that humans convert into the one among their dead race. Successfully running from last 7 years it has now reached its 8th season which will go on air from October 2017. Go watch and find the struggle for life

2. Sherlock

Crime Museum

Based on  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes detective stories, the crime drama is a hit in the binge-watch world. The show has been highly praised for its direction. performances and writing techniques. There is hardly someone who can deny knowing about Sherlock and his mysteries. The show covers all his adventures and how he gained fame through his friend Watson’s Blog. Successfully running for 85-90 minutes per episode it has now reached its 4th series.

3. 13 Reasons Why

The Mighty

The American Mystery Drama is a web series show aired on Netflix. The foundation of the show is laid by Jay Asher’s novel, “Thirteen Reasons Why”. The story revolves around Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker, the girl who commits suicide after suffering a huge series of demoralizing aspects of individuals at her school. Before committing suicide she records 13 reasons behind her sorrowful act in cassette tapes. Released on March 31, 2017, the web series has become the most amiable among the hundreds of them online. So go discover the reasons for why the pretty Hannah committed suicide. The episodes have a melancholic tone throughout.

4. The Middle

The Odyssey Online

Though The Middle has entered its 8th season, its allure is still fresh in our minds. The very first day Frankie Heck and her simple family appeared on screen, the show had made a very special place in our heart. The family living in Indiana showcases the struggles of a middle-class family in a witty and hilarious manner.  The thoughtful comedy represented by each character is worth watching.

5. The Good Wife


American legal and political drama series, The Good Wife has in total 7 seasons.  Presently, the show is being enjoyed by the audiences on Amazon Prime. The idea of the series revolves around the wife of a high-profile politician who was jailed on grounds of political corruption and sex scandal. The show reflects the cliched image of a wife who silently stands beside her husband and looks after her children as a good mother.

Binge-watching is taking a toll over broadcasting Television shows. These have become a great stress buster and pass time for people especially teens. So switch on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu and choose your best series to watch.


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