To all the GOT Fans we have the GOT Kingdom in India!

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Looking at today’s the scenario it seems that Game of Thrones fever is not ending anytime soon. The show runners have fascinated its viewers with conspiracies and amazing acting capabilities of the people concerned. Following this, the locations seen have left no stone unturned in leaving its audiences baffled.  Want to know something great now? We present you your own GOT Kingdom in India, yes you read that right!  Listed are some replicas of those places which give you all the GOT feels –

Jaisalmer – Qarth


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The princely state Jaisalmer, a part of Rajasthan, also known as the “Golden State” resembles Qarth – the greatest city which ever was or will be. Going to Jaisalmer gives you a chance to recollect the Khaleesi’s journey around the spectacular buildings. Also, the dunes surrounding the city reminds you of the “Red Waste” that surrounds Qarth.


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Sea Arch in the Andaman’s and Azure Window

Sea Arch 

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Witnessing the marriage of the most revered love birds Daenerys and Khal Drogo, Azure Window is no less than fairy tale place. Sadly, Azure Window has sunk now, but the good news is that you have the Sea Arch in Andaman and Nicobar Islands which is a mirror to the Azure Window. Visit the place with your beloved to enkindle your bond.

Azure Window

Image Source

Chiktan, Ladakh for Harrenhal


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The war-front of the Harrenhal finds its place at Chiktan in Ladakh. Both the creepy and dilapidated places are right to go together.


Image Source

Bangalore Palace – Highgarden

Bangalore Palace

Image Source

Bangalore Palace takes you to the Highgarden. It will not disappoint you with its lush greenery and admiring beauty with mesmerising flowers all around it. Coupled with the Bangalore’s climate, it makes the perfect substitute for the Olenna Tyrell’s Highgarden.


Image Source

Kashmir and Winterfell

Winterfell in the northern part of Westeros can be only tagged to the green yet cold Kashmir.

Winterfell – Kashmir

Image Source

Murud Janjira Fort – Dragonstone

Image Source

Doing justice to the Dragonstone, Murud Janjira Fort stands high in Raigarh of Maharashtra. Imagining dragons flying all over the sky, here you get the essence of being a part of GOT.

Now, you have some locations in India itself that resemble the ones in your favourite series The Game of Thrones.

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