Game of Thrones is hitting media and youth culture now

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17th April 2011. Nobody had thought this violent and dominating HBO TV fictional series Game of thrones would gain an international fame. The series was released on the seventeenth day of the month April, back in 2011. It is an another story, just another characters, the same old fights and love affair, but one thing is new. And it is the hype.

Is it worth the hype?

Game of Thrones

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Yes. It definitely is because the television series have all the possible character of fiction. From love, sexuality, politics, crime, magic to much more. It displays another world on the screen because every detailing matches with the actuality and originality. The cast is strong too, all the actors are worked upon quite majorly, that they never look an inch different than the character.

The Social Media Reactions


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The series has 3.5 million Instagram followers and Facebook holds more than 2 crore active followers.

What is with GOT, that others don’t have?

Emilia Clarke

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GOT series follows a tricky yet mysterious production process, you have to read further to know why.

Nobody knows the story line before the shoot

Peter Dinklage

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The script and further plot are only revealed when it is been shot. The original script is never provided to the cast, prior to the shoot. These tricky measures prevent revealing the further story to spread outside before the airing of series.

Different directors for every episode

Directors from Game of Thrones

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Every episode is shot by varied directors to maintain versatility in point of view and direction.

Game of Thrones a TV series cum culture

A Scene from Game of Thrones

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Game of Thrones has made its presence popular into the online fan community, online GOT quiz and GOT goodies. This reflected a great engagement for no celebrity, but just a TV series.

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Can you guess the viewership for game of thrones?

Daenerys Clarke

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Average of 6 million people tuned in for each episode of game of thrones. These statistics paved their way during the sixth season.

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