Feel Good Indian Shows That Will Uplift Your Mood

Feel Good Indian TV Shows That Will Uplift Your Mood

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There are times when we are not in the happiest of moods. Sometimes, all you need to do is pick up a popcorn bowl and binge watch these feel good Indian TV shows. Here is a to-go list for shows that are light, happy and will get you through a rough day.

Popular Indian TV Shows

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

When season 1 came on, it was almost impossible to believe that such a show could exist amid all the Balaji produced, and at least a 1000 episodes long serials. It was heart breaking when the show ended, and after years of hoping and wishing, we have season 2 as a web series. Both the seasons will leave you wanting more. It’s hilarious to watch a young man get pestered in the middle of poles apart mother and wife, the two extremes. But this would have been incomplete without the father’s teasing and mocking, and the brother’s exquisite poetry.

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Feel Good Indian Shows That Will Uplift Your Mood
Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

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Permanent Roommates

It is a delight to watch this couple take on life. The male protagonist- Mikesh or Micky, will annoy you and steal your heart, both in the same moment. Initially you might question why a smart, intelligent, well settled girl would be in a relationship with this guy. Soon enough you realize that you want to live life with this guy’s outlook of zero complications. The side characters play an equally important role in adding humor to this story.

Permanent Roommates Feel Good Indian Shows That Will Uplift Your Mood
Permanent Roommates

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A group of 4 young men with different careers, qualities and skills come together to run after their dream of a business. They also have dissimilar lifestyles, values and mind frames. For these reasons, sometimes they don’t get along, and when they do, they are a stupendous team. With some inspiring dialogues and scenes, this one is not just a feel good show, but also an inspirational one. It rightly captures the entrepreneur spirit.

TVF Pitchers Feel Good Indian Shows That Will Uplift Your Mood
TVF Pitchers

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Girl in the City

A 21 year old girl trying to accomplish her dreams, sometimes with support from family and friends, sometimes on her own. At times she is invincible, at times she needs to unwind, but she never gives up. Through the tough job of an intern, low on appreciation, with values from a Fauji father, this girl in the city will make you get back up on your feet.

Girl in the City Feel Good Indian Shows That Will Uplift Your Mood
Girl in the City

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Little Things

A cute show that revolves around the life of a couple living together. In this togetherness, they teach us how little things matter the most. Sometimes, all one needs is a big panda hug and nothing fancy. Sometimes a cup of tea in bed can mean much more than a glass of the finest champagne in a restaurant.

Little Things Feel Good Indian Shows That Will Uplift Your Mood
Little Things

Give these series a chance to uplift your day, or night 🙂

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