Brands transmitting into living experience

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We eat brands, wear them, listen to them and even drink them. Our everyday routine necessitates varied products, which are brought out by brands. Back in early 19 century, the bare packaging products were what was selling all over, later the substitutes invaded the world and the bare packaged products were in urgent need to be recognised for their identity. This made those product packages cluttered with colours, graphics, logos and product information. With the rise and advancement of professionalism, ideas and technology, we have reached a phase where companies spend millions just to develop a relevant branding. Universities are providing graduation in branding and brands have collaborated with brand management agencies who only function to build branding for the manufacturer’s product.


Brand is no less than an experience 

Brands are jumping ahead of just colours and logos. In fact, they are running to address social issues, engaging customers with activation activities, telling stories, changing mind and perspective of the buyers through their strong campaigns.

1)  Coke “India and Pakistan happiness without borders”

Coke Activation Campaign

Free coke bottles were offered to people participating from India and Pakistan, but how these bottles were provided to them said everything about the campaign. Two vending machines were interconnected through a video call. One of which was in India and other in Pakistan. People saw each other through the vending machine, they were guided to join hands through video call screen and as soon as they did so, surprise! a new branded bottle of Coke rolled out of the machine for absolutely free!

2) P&G “thank you mom”

P & G Advertisement

P&G advertisements have always bagged awards and appreciations. This campaign for “Rio Olympics” have showcased an unbreakable bond of mothers and their kids, the film dates back to those hard times in childhood when mothers told their kids to be strong. The advertisement showcases those kids as grown up Olympic players, overcoming nervousness in Olympic games while gathering their mother’s words from childhood.

Coke contributed towards the border tensions whereas P&G devoted a thanking to all the mothers who never lacked strength in life. The instances in campaigns hit our emotion, through which we endure a message to carry forward for life, resulting in promotion and brand recall.

3) Dumb ways to die

Dumb Ways to Die Cartoons

Dumb Ways to Die is a public service and safety announcement campaign by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia. The campaign is promoting public safety. An antisuicidal message is been given out to the public. The campaign is mocking about different silly ways humans can kill themselves with.  At last, the viewers are convinced that, the dumbest way to die can be jumping on a metro track.

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