The blue whale challenge, is it?

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It is tormenting that something so inhuman and ravaging is being widely referred to as a ‘game’ or ‘challenge’. The story of the blue whale began in Russia and the mind behind it is consequently behind bars for 3 years. However, it seems that the mind left the evil idea behind.

Next, we see what this blue whale concept is and how it is so harmful.

The Blue Whale

Refraining to call it a challenge, game or dare, we will just refer to it as the blue whale. Blue whale eats the smaller creatures as a part and process of nature. Seems like, this blue whale idea has eaten up innocent and vulnerable humans for no reason. It has recently grabbed attention in India as a 14 year old jumped off a building to commit suicide. The speculations say that this is a result of the blue whale. Furthermore, the story doesn’t end here, there are over 100 similar cases in Europe and 2 in USA. It’s sad and heart wrenching.

Blue whale

It appeared on the internet as a dare in which the ‘player’ was challenged to complete 50 tasks. The initial few being simple, with each proceeding task becoming more and more dangerous. Dangerous for the ‘player’, for the world, for humanity. Some tasks include self harm, while the most extreme being the last one, which encourages the person to commit suicide.


Internet is probably a great source for our race, it is our solution to most problems we face. Sadly, it’s also one of the biggest enemies. It is in our hands to control what we make popular and what we stop. It is in our hands to protect our loved ones and ourselves. It is in our hands to monitor the activities of children, particularly teenagers. Also, children are very vulnerable in their teens and the age of social media can exploit this. Let us take a pledge to be more attentive, alert and careful. Therefore, let us make sure that no blue whale can harm our race.

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